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100mg doxycylcine and 5% bp wash

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Thank you for stopping by my blog. I've decided to write this blog not only because I want to document my experience but maybe sometime in the future this will help others who are suffering from the same problems that I am. If you have ever felt the slightest bit of disappointment about the way you look because of acne, you're not alone. That feeling is just dreadful, I've missed important events and chose to stay home instead of spending time with friends just because I was embarrassed about the way I look. If you're reading this and if you even feel the slightest bit like how I described above, then please see a dermatologist. I've made the mistake of neglecting professional help but the sooner you go the better. There are people who have dedicated their lives to this field and sometimes over the counter products simply just don't cut it. The average cost of a dermatologist is about 75-125$, depends on your area. About Me: I'm a 27 year old male. My nationalities include 50% Japanese and the other half is a mix of Portuguese, German, Hawaiian. My acne started to develop when I was in 6th grade but it was never serious, meaning that they would last a day or 2 and be gone. During my highschool years the acne had really started to kick itself off (probably hormonal?). During my late teens, early twenties, I was smoking a lot of cigarettes and not eating right. I had huge cystic acne and they were super painful. But I always thought that it would go away naturally because all my friends did. It wasn't until I was about 24 when I started following Dan's regime with the bp and moisturizing treatment. At the start it was brilliant, and in 6 months I was starting to clear up. There were actually times in my twenties where I was completely clear. At the age of 25 I quit smoking completely and I started eating healthy but I was still on the regime. 2 years later I would still get breakouts, I'd say about 3 - 5 new pimples every 2 months but they would all come at once and then vanish for about 2 months. Anyway, I decided to ease off the regime and a few months later I caught Influenza B which made my chin breakout like crazy. What the dermatologist recommended: I did some research and decided to go with the 3rd highest rated dermatologist on Yelp.com. Why the third? I read each of the comments and analyzed their situations and compared theirs to mines. I looked at the age, sex, and condition of each comment and the location, accommodations, and quality information of their website. I finally met with the dermatologist on 7/3/2012 and she had recommended that I stop doing anything topical because I am in a tropical climate and I love to go out in the sun. I was doing 2.5% bp as well as the 2% salycylic acid astrigent. Right off the bat the dermatologist noticed my very irritated skin, which I felt I was having a decently good day with. She encouraged me to stop all topical treatments, I was like WHAT? STOP DAN'S TREATMENT? CRAZY!..... Anyway, she gave me a 5% bp wash (morning and night). a light moisturizing cream, and a prescription for 100mg doxycycline. She said we will start out at the highest dose and ease me off it as we progress. So I'm set to see her in 6 weeks to checkup on my progress. For the past 3 days this has been my regime.... 6am - acne.org cleanser for 10 seconds followed with 5%bp wash (left on for 30-45 seconds) - VERY gentle washing 8am - breakfast + 100mg doxycycline 8pm - after dinner I'll take my second 100mg doxycycline 8pm - Shower then do acne.org cleanser for 10 second followed by 5%bp wash. 8:30pm - After face is dry I'll apply a light moisturizer then let that dry and follow up with a very light layer of derma e's nighttime hylauronic acid creme to really moisturize my face (This product is amazing btw and really hydrates your face over night)... That's it I'll be posting pictures later.




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