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Environ Cit Micro Needling

Hi I am going to do my reviews of needling in a blog because the forums are too confusing and I want to be able to document my experience properly. I have rolling, boxcar, ice pick, and chicken pox scars and some lines in the middle of my eyebrows. I have a lot of textural issues cause of this stupid pixel i did a year ago, i have some sun spots, and I have weird white hyperpigmentation all over my forehead that no one seems to be able to tell me what it is. I have some weird lines that look like someone cut me with a knife on some places because of that stupid pixel machine i did a year ago. Please do not ever do lasers they are god awful. I went to do my micro needling for the first time on June 28 2012. I went to an actual real doctor to have it done. She took some before pictures. I paid $90 for the environ avst 1 cream two weeks prior and the doctor said to put it on morning and night. She said this was supposed to prepare my skin. The initial procedure costed me $270 plus tax becasue I had to purchase the kit. The following appointments will only be $140 plus tax. I placed emla cream all over my face for an hour with saran wrap. The doctor then did her thing, and I felt some spots she was going over but not others. Afterwards I was VERY red like a sunburn. This went away by the next day. My skin felt like it was burning, and it felt tight, and itchy. This was gone two days later. I had a puffy spot underneath my left eye that seemed a bit swollen up until a couple of days later which worried me a bit. It is not puffy anymore BUT i have broken capillaries in that area now (annoying). My face was flaky like crazy for about 3 days and it felt like sand paper. She told me to moisturize my face every couple of hours. She said it has to stay moisturized. I wash my face with neutrogena ultra gentle face wash. I am using the environ cream, etival ener c brightening serum and steiva a. I just plop them all on my hand rub them all together and smother my face with it. I have just been doing this twice a day. I have also once a day been putting on the neo strata hydroquinone gel on my sun spots. Some days I skip it cause it irritates my skin and frankly it never seemed to really work before anyway so i just may trash it altogether. Upon my research it seems that tretinoin cream builds collagen in the skin as well as vitamine c. My steiva a, ener c , and environ cream seem to have all this. It has almost been a week and I have not noticed any changes in my skin at all. There are no changes in my sun spots, lines, scars, and hyperpigmentation I have another appointment on July 13th. I am going to try to post pics. It's just that I can't get the right light and I only have my camera phone which seems have a mind of it's own. I have decided that if this needling doesnt work I will give up and just go get plastic surgery such as skin grafts. This scar business is complte bull sh it and frankly the canadian government should recognize the mental impact it has on people and cover medical costs to fix it. Everyone who has scars should just go get skin grafting at the get go and that's all. Never mind this years of trying crap that doesn't do squat. Just get a whole new friggin face. Then it's done, and we have our lives and self esteem back.




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