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Help People!

Heyy, im a new user and im in quite a dilema. I live in Nigeria and i dont think there are seasoned enough dermatologists to help me. I never had acne in my life until i turned about 22. Im 25 now and its been a constant and futile fight. Ive used sooo many products and they dont help. They may calm stuff down a bit but the acne still goes on. The clinique acne solutions system was a bitter dissapointment and irritated my skin further Arrrgggh! Currently im using proactive, its helping a little but acne is still der plus im almost out of supply and i doubt il find more to purchase here. Anyway, this is the main dilema. My dermatologist just placed me on 100 mg doxycycline once daily, neutrogena pink grapefriut acnewash( 2% salicylic acid), oxy 10 in the mornings and retin a topical cream once at night daily. This is a standrs textbook treatment, however ive used retin a in the past, without all these other products and the results were horrible! I kept breaking out for the full 4 months i was on it and now im totally scared to start!! Do the oxy 10 and the antibiotics reduce the chances of me breaking out constantly? Secondly, i just found a source of roaccutane, turns out that here i can buy a months supply of 20 mg roaccutane in any pharmacy! This is scary because i dont have anyone helping me with dosage and a general checkup to see if im a candidate for accutane. I dont know if i shud brave it and strt the accutane ( if i do then wat dosage? Im about 165 pounds) or shud i take my doctors advice and start the retin a treatment? I really need some guidance! Il really appreciate any responses i can get.