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Clear Skin

I HAVE TO BASE MY LIFE AROUND MY SKIN..... I have had acne problems my entire life, usually cystic bumps about 4-5 at a time and other smaller sized pimples. I seriously have tried everything and now I have a psychotic but effective routine that helps me stay clear!!!!! I just want to mention that I have spent over thousands of dollars trying to fight this problem and hours and hours of research and trials. I hope it becomes a help for some of you. Morning: Nature's Cure Acne pill (women) <-- you need to chew it and take it w/o Water Cetaphil Face Wash with sonicare tool Red and Blue Light Treatment (Baby Quesar) Nature's Cure Benzoyl Cream Pro-Activ Green Tea Mosturizer Zinc (15mg) Afternoon: Hair, Nail, Skin Vitamin <-- That is what it is called. Night: Minocyclin 50mg Cetaphil w/ sonicare Retin-A (0025) Pro-Activ Green Tea Mosturizer Nature's Cure pill With this extensive face routine I have a diet that follows. ABSOLUTLEY NO DAIRY aside from eggs. <-- I cannot emphasize how much this has helped me. At first I just cut out milk from my diet but it did absolutley nothing. I literally had to cut out everything that was made from milk, including my favorite Starbucks white mocha =( (NO milk, cheese, whip cream, yogurt, ice cream, etc.) Even just having a little dairy has a huge effect on my skin. I at least have some form of sweet potato and spinach every day. Drink 10+ of water or iced green tea (unsweetened) <-- the best is matcha b/c you are consuming the green tea leaf itself. Limit yourself to carbs that are light in color. Example (potato, white rice, white bread, pasta, etc) Eat a lot of whole grains and darker colored carbs. When using Retin-A the best thing that worked for me was cetaphil b/c all other face washes caused me to dry out. It is SOOO important to also mositurize because you face will start forcing to produce more oil since it is so dried out. Plus i dont want to look flaky. Every once a week I exfoliate with philosphy's microderm kit. <-- This really helps with the dead skin and build up on my face. I'm the type of person whose body starts getting uneffective to medicine that is used in long term, so I go back and forth between minocyclin and birth control. Due to my diet I also dont need to rely to much on the minocylin. Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions. This is what works for me but until I cut out dairy completley for 6 months I still had minor break outs even with the minocyclin and Retin-A. Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any!! I'll try to help the best I can.