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My journey with mild acne

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My Journey With Acne (Mild) [2]

Hey y'all So today is day three using the Acne.org regimen. There's a slight difference since yesterday - not much, but it's still there. The biggest change I noticed was between days one and two of using The Regimen. When I reach day seven I hope to up the dose of benzoyl peroxide. My goal is to be clear in three weeks. But I know these things take time and I don't want to jinx them, so I'll just say I hope to be clear in a month - if not, i'll persevere. I really do find it difficult to live without the cosmetics, since I have banned them completely. I was invited to my friend's house for a few drinks last night and I had to tell my boyfriend I didn't want to go as I was "giving my face a rest". My friends have never seen me without any make-up (foundation, concealer, powder) and I'm too shy to show them my lovely spotty face. I've figured I'll probably have to live as a hermet for the next few weeks until I can face the world. Thank God college has finnished for summer and I haven't had a job for the past few months (long story-ish). My plan was to go out job hunting but I don't think I can do that right now. I've always been very glamorous and well kept in my appearence. To not wear anything on my face is strange to say the least, I mean my face can actually breathe and that feels nice but... my make-up is my comfort blanket. I don't feel like I can be an attractive, confident woman without it. Heck I'm even part of any online community for people that are interested in, and collect cosmetics. It doesn't help that I have drawers and drawers staring at me saying "Y U NO USE ME NOMORE?" "WHAT ES DIS MAN?!" Oh and FYI all the photos taken for my gallery and blog are taken first thing in the morning. Excuse the pyjamas and messy hair. Comment below and let me know how you guys cope with the emotional aspects of having acne. For instance, how you gather the confidence to step outside... And not be a creep that lives in a shell - like me! Any fellow ladies out there care to tell me how they're getting on without cosmetics? Or do you still use them, can't let them go? I'll leave you with the photos: Day 3 on the acne.org regimen. Until tomorrow chums, au reviour!

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My Journey With Acne (Mild) [1]

Yesterday I took the plunge and posted here for the first time. Acne (however mild) has been 'my secret' for about a year now. I realize people know I have it, but I don't talk about it to others and they don't mention it to me. First of all i'd like to mention the help I've recieved from this website. By reading what Dan has to say and what other memebers have had to say, has really helped me a lot - you guys are so knowledgeable. All I can say is thank the lord one of us is, I still have a long way to go. Initially I thought I was out of my depth with this. I kept reading, thinking, "This is all so much to take in!". But I have been persistent and tried hard to educate myself about my skin. This website is a God send, thank you Acne.org I was put on birth control two days ago to see how it would help with hormonal break-outs, so we'll see how it goes. I always thought my acne was hormonal, as it's on my jawline, chin and bottom of my cheeks. I don't get any cysts, just a lot of pimples - some can be painful - tons of white heads and virtually no black heads. I find it weird that I have literally hundreds of white heads but next to no blackheads at all. Anyway, after reading on here about the causes of acne I have come to the conclusion, that I might be suffering from Acne Cosmetica. Which is a fancy way of saying that my make-up is causing these breakouts. Really, the description sounds exactly what I have. So after posting yesterday morning I made my way out to the pharmacy and bought a Clean&Clear facial wash, as reccomened by Dan. Well, I thought it was the one he reccomened, when I got home it turns out I picked up the wrong one. Luckily I already had Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% and a Derma Care moisturizer which doesn't contain any nasty ingredients, it's very soothing on the skin. As advised I went through the motions of The Regimen (banning make-up first). I did it once in the morning and once at night being gentle with my skin. And this morning when I woke up I can already see a difference. There are less white heads and a few pimples are disappearing. I realize this is going to take time but so far I'm really happy. I'm so proud of myself that I could finally step up and do something about it.

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