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Freaking Tired Of It

So lately I've been saying that my acne hasn't been too terrible and that I hardly ever get spots anymore and blah blah blah. And that's mostly true... I haven't really gotten any new spots. I've just had the same ones for like, a month. They're super tiny and don't even look like they've come to a head, they're just itsy bitsy teeny weeny little bumps that have been there FOREVER. And they're driving me freaking nuts!! I know a lot of you feel the same way and everyone has gone through t




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Hi Again

So... after being MIA for a while, I don't really have anything new to report. I have a couple spots now thanks to stress and all that. But they're already going away and drying up, so woohoo! Even though I don't really get active spots anymore, my skin still looks like crap thanks to acne scarring. Blahh. If anyone has any good produts to recommend for clearing that up, I would really appreciate it!




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Back On Track, Jack

So after that extremely awkward incident a little while ago, a fresh box of X Out came in the mail came the very next day. I know, it was super fast! They must've overnighted it or something. As you can imagine, I was very grateful for that. So since then I have been using it religiously and things are back to normal, calming down, going great. We're totally back on track! And just yesterday they sent ANOTHER order, complimentary! Very nice of them, I am quite pleased (as is my mom, haha).

Minor Setback

So on Saturday we ordered more X Out because I ran out of my previous bottle. This time we got a 60-day supply, so I was going to be covered for a while. Well, the box came in record time-4 days-and I opened the box to discover something completely unexpected. ... I got a bottle of pills for erectile dysfunction. Yeah, super awkward. So we called the number on the invoice and they directed us to another number who said they'd call us back in 24 hours. So that's one day more




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I Am Distraught.

And not for the reason(s) you might think. Since we last spoke, my breakout completely cleared up and my skin was perfectly perfect. The best it's ever been in fact, which was amazing. Alas, since then I have run out of my X Out! I know, it's horrible! And my mom didn't pay for the auto-delivery since we thought it wouldn't work and we wouldn't need it. Little did we know what a HUGE difference it would make. So I've been stuck without it for a couple days now, and I'm really afraid that m




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X Out Update

Hello hello hello! It's been about a week since I last posted, and now I'm going to share how my first week has gone using X Out. The first few days everything went super fantastically; my skin felt smoother and softer, and my pores felt cleaner than they EVER had before. The spots I had were clearing up very well. First the redness would go down, followed by a reduction in pimple size. This would continue until they completely disappeared. Awesome, right? A couple days ago, I started

X Out, Woohoo!

Hey guys, the X Out arrived today! I just used it about 3 minutes ago, so these are really fresh first opinions! It came out as a white creamy substance with little granules in it. It smelled really good, like a mix of laundry detergent and medicine. Some people might not like it, but fortunately for me I like the smell of medicinal things. It went on really smoothly, and I could really feel the microbeads getting into my pores and sloughing off dead skin cells, as well as getting rid of o




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You Guys, I'm Super Pumped!

Alrighty, so in my last post I mentioned X Out by the makers of Proactiv. Well, my mom ordered it for me and I'm SO excited!! I have really high hopes for this product, it sounds wonderful. Now I know it's all marketing and crap, but still, I REALLY hope this'll be the one thing that gets rid of my acne for good. It certainly seems like it will! Here's the website if anyone's interested: http://www.xout.com/ SO PUMPED!!! It can't get here fast enough!




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Another Update!

Sorry it's been so long guys! I've been so busy this summer, it's redunk, haha. Ok, so I don't really have any active spots at the moment. HOORAY! I still have a lot of acne marks though. Blehhh. The hydrogen peroxide has been working well, I think I'll keep using it for when I really need it. It didn't dry out my face at all, which was a main concern of mine seeing how sensitive my skin is. I'm going to be honest with y'all and say that it DOES sting when you put it on, but not as much a

Hydrogen Peroxide For Acne?

So yesterday I told you guys I was going to try hydrogen peroxide for my breakout. Last night and this morning, I washed my face with my regular cleanser and then soaked a cotten ball with 3% hydrogen peroxide and, for lack of fancier terminology, rubbed it all over my face. Surprisingly, it didn't sting as much as I thought it would. Don't get me wrong, it did a little, but I've had drugstore topicals that have stung more than that did. There also wasn't an odor-ALLELUIAH! Is that how it's

Breakout :(

You are all smart people, so you can figure out by the title that I am breaking out at the moment. Luckily it's summer and I don't have to do anything or really be around people, haha. It might be because I ran out of my usual moisturizer and had to use another one in the meantime before I could go out and get another bottle. Fortunately, however, it's not too bad of a breakout, and the spots are really small. But still, it's annoying. Tonight I'm going to try the good ol' hydrogen peroxid

The Terrors Of Bacne *duhn Duhn Duhhhnnn!*

Hello everyone! So today I'm going to be discussing (cough, ranting more like) my bacne. I knoww, it's a gross topic, but I'm pretty positive that a lot of people here have it too. So here we go! Lately I've been using a glycolic wash in the shower; I believe it'scalled the Glycolix 5-2 Formula. You can get it online, that's where I got it. I use it with an exfoliator brush and I swear it has worked miracles for me. The exfoliation is really great for getting rid of dead skin cells and gett


Hi guys! So I don't really have much to say. The skin on my face is pretty much the same, which is good. Today I only wore a tinted moisturizer and didn't go in with concealer afterwards. Surprisingly enough, the TM was enough! You could still see a couple spots, but that's ok with me, I don't really like looking like I'm wearing a mask. I also think not wearing the concealer helped my TM stay on longer... normally my concealer would slide off by the end of the day, no matter how much I powder

Yay! :)

Salutations everyone! As you can most likely tell by the title, I'm having a very good day. My breakout is almost completely gone!! Woohoo, party! I have a spot by the corner of my mouth that's pretty stubborn, but that's the last one I have until I can say sayonara to my evil breakout. It's so great to be able to go out with only a tinted moisturizer... I remember a time when I wouldn't go out of the house without a full face of foundation on.I feel so liberated, you guys! The only issue I

On The Road Update!

Hey hey hey! So as the title suggests, this entry was made on the road. We're on our way home from Chicago and I thought I'd pop in. Sorry about not getting back to you about the moisturizer last night; it's the Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizer. So on to today's update. My skin has improved in that all my picked spots are scabbed over, and the redness has gone down. They're also smaller in size, so woohoo! I'm afraid for my back though (yep, I have it there too, as well has my upp

Blecchh... :\

You guys. I'm so disappointed with myself. ... I picked. I know I know, I'm a terrible person, but I just couldn't help myself! It was so tempting and I gave in and picked away. Now I have these angry bright red spots on mah faceee. D: And I was doing so well! Hopefully my night routine will help them scab over (or whatever it is picked spots do) so they'll be good for tomorrow; I have a dance competition in Chicago, so they sure as hell better be lookin' better or I am going t

Good Day?

Hello again everyone! If anyone actually reads this. I have no idea. Anyway, today was an ok day skin-wise. Unfortunately, my concealer slid off my face by the end of the day, but hey, it's summer gym, whaddya expect?* So the second I got home I took off my makeup (which consists of tinted moisturizer and concealer) and put on a spot treatment. The spot treatment in question is Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream, the one that "visibly reduces spot size and redness in as little as

First Post, Woohoo!

Hey guys! So I just set up this bloggy-blog to talk about acne, obviously, and my journey through teenagerdom. Just for interest's sake and to shed a little light on the situation, I have combination skin; my nose and forehead get insanely oily and the rest of my face is normal. My skin is also sensitive, and can dry out quite easily. Joy. If asked, I would of course say my acne is really heavy and horrible because, helloooo, I'm freaking out about my skin! In actuality it's probably ligh
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