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Please Help Me

Hi, I am just another teenager fighting acne, or used to be. When I was 12, I had about total of 3 small acne on my face, and I was extremely upset about that. Now I am 16 years old with severe acne and scarring. Acne takes all the fun out of my life. Friends ask me to come to parties or just go watch a movie, but I feel and look so ridiculous I always make up a stupid excuse and tell them I cant go. When people look at me, they stare at my horrible acne like I am an alien. I used to be very hyper, happy, and funny person. Now I am always depressed and barely talk to anybody because I am embarrassed of my face. I cant talk to anybody for more than 10 seconds because I feel uncomfortable when people are looking at me. Like any other teenage boys, I like this beautiful girl at my school who is always smiling, happy, and humorous. I cant even go close to her because I think she will hate me when she look at my face. I am always depressed....I wake up in the morning and my face feels like my face has been invaded by fire ants. Then I calm down, telling myself that my face is not that bad at all just to stop myself from crying. Before I go to school I look at myself in the mirror and I just want to rip my face off...It had been like this for 4 years now...and I dont know if I will be able to ever regain my normal life. All I want to do is live a teenager life, go out and play with my friends. But here I am....writing a depressive paragraph about my life while my friends are at parties, watching movies, going to the beach, bowling, skating, eating out, sleeping over, and hanging out. 4 years.....4 years.....I am sick of it......and what have i used? I used almost EVERYTHING out there: Epiduo, Retin A, SkinMedica, Mederma, Accutane, Proactive, Vitamin C oil, honey, lemon, cucumbers, aloe, Face Peels, Exfoliant, and Cliniq. I just want my life back...that is all....




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