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How I Cured My Bacne!

Hello everyone, I just thought I would share my back regimen with you because a few months ago I was pretty hopeless and depressed, but I got rid of all my bacne with a little determination and discipline. I have always had acne on my face but never on my back. Last summer it got quite severe, lots of cysts all over my upper back and shoulders. I started getting really stressed because summer was on it's way and I wanted to be able to wear a bathing suit without embarrassment. After tons of trial and error (and some tears) here's what I found works. I hope it can help someone else out there. First, I totally stopped touching my back, popping pimples, etc. Wash sheets and towels once per week Never wear a shirt or bra twice (I know, it's a lot of laundry) Shower immediately after sweating Shower EVERY NIGHT Lather back with tea tree oil soap (you can buy it at whole foods and other grocery stores) Rinse with cold water Pat dry and lightly rub some white wine vinegar or rice wine vinegar all over your back with a cotton ball. Let dry Using a Qtip, put Tea Tree Oil on all the pimples. Let Dry. Wear a loose and clean shirt to bed. Good Luck