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Accutane from an African American Prespective

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21 Days

This is my first time writing a blog on ANYTHING!!! However, I felt the need to write this blog because when I first decided to take Clavaris (Accutane), I could not find anyone that I could relate to when it came to my skin tone or type in order for me to know if this would be the right step for me. My dermotologist told me the same thing and so.....tada.....my blog submission. Okay, so the first few days, I did not notice any changes BUT I did notice that I was feeling really thirsty. From someone who rarely guzzled down water, I found myself drinking a half gallon of water a day. Within the first week, I noticed my refelctive oily skin change to a more matted look. HOWEVER, my face broke out so badly on top of what I would say already looked bad to begin with. I also noticed how sensitive my skin was to the sun. HENCE, apply ALOT of sunblock or sunscreen lotion. Especially for african americans because you will get 10 shades darker in a gray undertone way. I also noticed by the 2nd week that my lips became extremely dry. My dermatologist asked me to use Aquaphor. Which works wonders. She also has me using Dermologica's Mask Cleanser, which helps clear up the whiteheads, blackheads and congestion of the face. I will say that it has been working and the ingredients are natural. Today, my dermatologist gave me shots for each angry pimple that decided to let me know how they felt. And within hours, it has gone down. So I will update anyone who would like pics and will just keep everyone posted on my progress. Have a great DAY!




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