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my acne story, advice, and questions.

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So to be honest, i started this blog.. and i really dont know if i did it right-____- But i wanted to share my story, and i am hoping that the products i will start using will fix my problem.. I am a junior in highschool. I didn't get facial acne until 8th grade...and my bacne didnt come to my attention until summer going into freshman year. It started off on my forehead, little white bumps.. then i started getting 1 or 2 larger ones in the area close to my nose , under my eyes... end of freshman year i was getting it on my cheeks, but my forehead had cleared.. currently I am mostly clear with few to little break outs on my cheeks.. however i am left with acne marks.. dark/red marks.. which are sooo frustrating.. because you almost have clear skin! and you think OMG my skin is clearing up.. and you're left with these uigly deceiving dark marks that make your skin look horrible. Q1: does dans regimine including the jojoba oil and AHA help clear up dark marks on the face and back? .. ANWAYS, i feel soo insecure about my skin.. i never leave the house without some form of cover up.. and i dont wear anything that shows my back/ shoulders. I dont even want to try out for the school team because i dont want people to see my back... on my back i have a few break outs.. but mostly teeny bumps every now and than that yoiu cant see, but can feel.. what you can see is the dark marks! UGH! i ahte them soo much.. and they make me soo self conscience... I think i stress out more about my skin than i do with school-____- I have tried countless products... from drugstore(neutrogena,clearasil,aveeno,cetaphil,avon,etc) to more high end stuff like (exposed, pro active) i have spent so much money on these things, money that i dont have.. and dans regimine is honestly going to be the last thing i spend "big" money on before i give up. Because honestly i dont have the emotional stability or money to continue doing this-_- haha! So thats actually about it for me.. i think i just wanted to get my question out there.. and.. tell my.. story.. which isn't really unique.. or special... i guess... other...info? skin type * combo-oily skin *light-moderate acne *main concern- getting rid of dark/red marks from acne * i do not have any scarring, thank god *i am asian and caucasion, so maybe that has something to do with my marks being aso visible? products that i have found to really like *cetaphil moisturizer- i really like this because its soo basic,simple...and doesn't break me out or feel heave or greasy *vichy normaderm triple action anto-acne hydrating lotion- this helps me get rid of break outs/pimples over night.. and are usually gone after 2 days.. i actually really like this product for pimples.. doesnt do much for dark marks..but that isnt its purpose...however i dont want to spend 23.00 on a 1.7 fl oz. product ever 2 months-__- i'd liek to keep my regimine simple.. and easy..after i get clear. and as for the products i can use to get rid of the dark/red marks.. if dans regimine kit plus? i think thats what its called.. doesnt work.... i'm looking for something that isnt costly and relatively easy to do...thanks:]




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