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After 12 Years Battling this Disease...I'm getting close to putting the pieces together.

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I'm Back After 7 Years To Comment On My Truth

I started posting to this site over 7 years ago. I had perfect skin in high school. Some family traumas caused me to develop skin issues which started at age 20. By age 25, I had moderate-severe cystic acne. What had I tried? Different antibiotics, topicals, Accutane, BCPs...etc. I tried it all. Saw multiple homeopaths and naturopaths. And then what? I'm still fighting some skin issues at 33 years of age. Last year I did a Co2 laser to fix many scars I was left with. The scars are still there. This is where I'm at: 1. I think i'm celiac. 2. I have massive candida overgrowth in my intestine. So, get this, I think candida either causes acne or exacerbates it. Taking antibiotics for more than a few times can lead to overgrowth if you don't heal your intestinal tract after taking antibiotics. So, you may be taking antibiotics to fix the acne only to end up with more severe acne! To get rid of this, it takes a diligent 1 month of sugar free detoxing along with natural remedies. Bottom line: I think wheat causes a lot of skin problems. Look around!!! Do you think it's normal for millions of people in their 20s+ to suffer from acne? It's not. There's something going on here!!! I recommend this book called The Wheat Belly. It talks about how gluten is everywhere and how acne can be caused by this. I'll let you know how my journey continues.




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