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Finally Gone

After 5 months and lots of hard work, it's finally gone! Acne! I am a female over 30 and started getting terrible acne that would last for months at about 28. I dealt with it for years and used several products, including popular tv treatments. I finally watched a video of a teenager with bad acne who got cleared from Dan's products. I decided to try it. My skin began flaking, badly. I wanted to give up, but came up with my own plan to get clear. I only used the BP in the areas I really needed it... My forehead, cheeks, temple area, and chin. I used extra moisturizers on my eyes, nose, and neck. I scrubbed makeup clean anytime I wore it, otherwise avoided it. 5 months later, acne is gone and I'm only dealing with some dark color discoloration on my cheeks. I am so pleased. Thank you thank you thank you Dan for coming up with this product. Use this product! It works, but you have to follow the instructions to the T! I didn't cut out coffee, sweets, or fried foods either.

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NaiNai Tree Us


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