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New Breakout....from Icecream Or Insanity?

Hey everyone, I've been studying like a mad woman and running around like crazy lately. I don't think I am particularly stressed, but maybe my body feels it subconsciously? Anyways, about 5 weeks ago I started Insanity (took a week off because I was sick) and I noticed a lot more breakouts on my body and face. I'm wondering if it's because I use a clean towel to wipe away sweat and make sure to shower right after. Maybe it's the wiping action that irritated my skin? Is it the bacteria left on my skin from sweat? I don't know! I haven't had a forehead breakout like this since maybe October. Another culprit could be that I went a little crazy on the icecream....I've was eating it like 3 times a week for the last few weeks. I NEVER eat icecream, and maybe the amount of dairy I have is from goat cheese i sprinkle in my salad. That's it! I believe the dairy was a huge contributor, because I was thinking of all the possible things I recently changed in my diet. Sigh..... it's embarrassing. So, at least this shows me that I haven't "grown out of acne." I thought maybe I could get away with eating dairy again, but clearly it's clogging my pores and even causing more congestion in my throat and nose. I had a few minor break outs here and there, and then these huge zits on my forehead, acccompanied by little tiny bumps and pimples. My resolution to clear my skin and see if that's what caused the breakout: 1. cut out dairy completely. No milk, cheese, chocolate, etc. (eggs is ok). 2. Don't use sweat towel when working out (though I'm absolutely soaked during the insanity workouts!) A good motivation is that I'm seeing my boyfriend in one month, and want my skin to calm down!





Soy And Sunburns

Those are my two culprits of breakouts recently. I gave in a few weeks ago to a soy chai tea latte, and ended up with a few rather large zits on my right jawline. It's weird how I freak out about the small pimples on my face, yet say "Aaah oh well" to the hormonal ones that pop up randomly. At least I believe those zits are due to soy. Hopefully spot treating them with Differin lotion will help. And I was in the sun too much, got sunburned, and peeled on my shoulders and back. To prevent more peeling, I applied cetaphil lotion which really broke my back out (IMO). Hopefully those zits go away soon with more spot treatments.... I haven't been on the boards in a while....due to busyness...or rather just not finding a reason to go on. I don't struggle with major breakouts anymore. I don't freak out and ask everyone for advice if my skin reacts in a way that I've seen it do in the past. If its some new rash thing, then yes I will be calling for help. The breakouts that I do get are rather very minor and little bumps or clogged pores. These I believe are what cause the pore to really get infected and cause pimples...if I take care of extracting or getting rid of the clogged pore, then it less likely will become a zit... Just think about it. It takes about a few weeks for a zit to form. That means that a pore has been neglected for some time and then retaliates. lol. There are three main topicals I'm using: Finacea, Veltin, and Differin lotion. These three things are magical and work great on my skin. The finacea takes away the redness but makes my skin kinda dry, the Veltin helps my skin to regenerate faster, and the differin lotion just really smooths out my skin and helps the red marks to fade. The deep purplish scars on my left cheek have almost entirely faded. YAY!!!! It's take about a year, but they are finally unnoticeable. There is one sort of dent in my cheek from where a nasty cyst was, but it falls in the middle of my dimple so I think the constant crease keeps it from "filling in." Still I can't complain. My skin is relatively smooth now and I don't need to shy away from harsh lighting that will show the dents and holes in my skin. I want to cry because of how far I've come, and I desperately want to encourage others who are suffering to NEVER give up. There WILL be a light at the end of the tunnel. Resolution: Continue avoiding soy...! Limit chocolate and caffeine intake.... Good night yall...




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