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Week 4 Regimen, Month 2 Bc

So, my skin is finally almost to a smooth surface!! So excited. The regimen is for sure working, and Dan's what to expect panel really hit it on the nail. Once you get to the full amount of BP, this is when your skin really clears up. ( This DOES NOT mean you should use two full pumps a week into the regimen just because you want immediate results- you will get very flakey, and the irritation will cause more acne.. so go slow!) It took me 3-4 weeks to get to the full amount, and




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Day One Regimen, Week Three Bc

So, I usually don't do these types of things, but I want to track my success somehow, so why not here? background I'm Jennah, and i'm almost 20! I have always had moderate acne, but when i went off to college, it just blew up. I tried Doxy + clind, but that is very bad for your body. Being on anti-biotics longterm take things from your body, so i stopped that after 6 months. And my acne got worse again.. I started Birth control, (Tri-Sprintec), and i'm on my third week, and my face ha




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