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Vitamin A Skin Solution Is Working!

Alright so i'm a very handsome nineteen year old boy but I started getting horrible cystic acne when I started puberty. Which was like at age 14. I got it from my mom who lost her fight against acne because her entire face is now covered with pits and she is 45 and she still gets them on her periods. so the future didn't look to bright for me considering that my acne resembled hers. She gave a bunch of suggestions but none of them worked considering that they were mostly mainstream medications like Neutrogena, proactive, etc. etc. Then I went to the doctors and I was prescribed retin A when i was 15 which worked for about a year until my skin decided that it could adapt and increase it's oil production. Which happened many times later. My oil glands always kicked into over drive whenever something seemed to work. I was on antibiotics, all sorts of different types of bp products. One time I went crazy and I would wash my face every hour with bp wash, which left it extremely dry. And I even set my alarm clock when I was sleeping so that I would wake up every other hour. This really worked and I was happy besides the fact that it was ruining my sleep cycle and the wrinkles it caused although I was only 17. After only a few months my skin was no longer dry and I thought maybe I should wash every 30 minutes but that seemed like a crazy amount of work. I then got hold of a website which sold anti androgen drugs for transexuals. I am not a tranny but I was willing to become a little feminine and weak as long as my skin would heal. The androgen testosterone is what causes acne. This pill eliminated it. Which after taking them for a few months cause me to grow a pair of man boobs 0o.....I was devastated and i had to quit because they were growing bigger which sucked because it was the only thing that ever cleared my face up so will. But now I found something incredible. Absolutely remarkable for me and my journey for clear skin. Which is Vitamin A Skin Solution. It is a remarkable drug. I have only been using it for 3 days but man.....No new pimples,...there are pimples that are getting bigger but they were already imbedded into my skin. No more new pimples means alot to me. Hopefully it will continue.




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