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Week 9 of Retin-A and going forward...

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Week 9 Of Retin-A And Going Forward.....

I have been suffering from acne since I was in college but for years I was able to control it with some effective over the counter topical medication but when I cannot stick to my regimen all them become wild. Proactive has been very effective containing my acnes but it is not readily available in times of facial crisis especially when I am abroad.Here in the middle east, I could not find where to buy Proactive so I resorted to Avotin, a brand name for Retin-A and this is the first I have heard of it. I have only mild acne but as history tells me, my mild acne become severe if left untreated. I was hit by acne in the chin area and very few along my jawline. My first use of Retin was terrible!!!, as i wake up in the morning and see my face in the mirror, I could not believe it was peeling too much and it was difficult to wear foundation, below are some of my weekly major observations. Week 1: Severe Peeling and more redness of lesion Week 2: Continuation of peeling and few breakouts Week 3: Got new wave of breakouts in my chin and along a jawline..all of them were filled with PUS...very painful. Week 4: Still getting breakouts and all existing acne have become dry and healing. Week 5: Still in the healing process and purging still on going. Week 6: Still im getting few breakouts and in a form of PUS...I HATE IT!!!! Week 7: My chin and my jawline was getting cleared. Week 8: My chin is 90% cleared and my jawline is 70% cleared Week 9: GOD and heaven sake...IM TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the remaining clogged pores have turned to pustules...I am really getting annoyed!!!and running out of patience..I am actually at work while writing this blog and I am eager to go home to pop this stubborn acne filled with pus...I really hope that at week 9 I would get rid off all of these but Im wrong!!!!anyway, even if I cry, there is nothing I can do but to continue the fight...I just dont understand why God has created this ugly thing for his beautiful creatures....I HATE IT!!!! Its been a while I have not visited my account here....just an update...I am 99% clear and I am continously using retin-a...it really works after almost 2 months of struggling from horrible breakouts...




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