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Blog No. 3: Week 1.

BlueThunderBomb here. Been busy with both school and football. I know that a week doesn't do too much. But I'm pretty happy with my skin. My face has slightly improved in a way in the space of a week. Most of my scars are vanishing and I'm ecstatic about that. I'm aware that most of these products are pretty powerful in a way and my skin has flared a bit. But not by much. I've been using Cetaphil Moisturising Cream as well after I apply the Duac Once Acne Gel since my skin can get pretty dry. It's really helped my skin. I've got support from both my family and friends and all of them have said that it's what's in the inside that counts. That gave me some relief. I'm comfortable with myself right now and I'm pretty lucky that my acne isn't severe. I'll be back next week with another blog. Going on camp next month. Sorry to all my fans if I don't get to post a blog on time. That is if I have any fans. BlueThunderBomb signing out.





Blog No. 2: Doctors.

BlueThunderBomb here. Took a trip to the doctors and talked to him about my acne. This is what happened. I went to the doctors on Monday after months of trying different products. I thought it would of been a good idea to get someone to talk to about my acne. The doctor told me that my acne wasn't bad enough for a dermatologist to see. I was relieved in a way. He then gave me prescriptions for both Doryx 50 mg and Duac Once Daily Gel 25 g. I was a little sceptical at first. That's when I saw some of the side effects. Fingers crossed that I get through this and hopefully have a clear face in the end. Guess that's it for today. I'll be posting more blogs soon. I'll be telling you all my journey week by week. BlueThunderBomb signing out.





Blog No. 1: Story.

BlueThunderBomb here. This is my first ever blog on this website. I'll be telling all of you my acne story. Some people have all the luck. From having flawless skin to cuddling up to the perfect girl. I'm just your average teenager. Problem is that I have acne. What a surprise. Suffered from mild to moderate acne since October last year and haven't had a clear face since. I popped my pimples from time to time. Biggest mistake ever. Stopped popping my pimples at the end of November. Not happy with my face at all. I can go from a face that is on the road to recovery to a face that looks like a pizza. It sucks big time. Especially if you're an athlete like me. I'm surrounded by teammates and random people I train with that have unbelievable skin. It's just not fair. I'll be posting a picture of my skin as soon as I can in a random thread. Just depends when my photo ID card for school will arrive. Not looking forward to it. Just keeping it short and sweet. I'll post another blog whenever I need to. Hit me up with a message if you want to chat or if you want to ask me any random questions. Don't mind. BlueThunderBomb signing out.




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