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Regime Questions

Blah, I feel gross today...I got a new yucky papule on my right cheek, RIGHT ON THE APPLE of it which is SO noticable. I didn't pick which is good but whatever. I did a lactic peel to help fade my red marks about three days ago and so far so good The marks are getting lighter but I still hate looking in the mirror without concealer. I feel like a freaking leopard. Well. Anyways, I started using Dan's Regime but with using products that are OTC for now. So far it seems to be okay, minus th

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Lactic Acid Peels To Fade Red Marks

So if you read my last entry-I had a decent breakout and since I lost my lovely tan from the summer, my skin is pale and the marks are more noticable. I'm so relieved to have the breakout subside but I hate the red marks just at much as the bump itself. Anyways a few years ago I did a series of lactic acid chemical peels to fade my PIH (post inflammatory pigmentation) from an acne breakout. I did one peel a week for 6 treatments - so 6 weeks and it made an amazing difference. So I am tap

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Guess Who's Back, Back Again, My Acne's Back. Don't Tell Your Friends

It's been a hot minute since I posted anything on here because for the past four months I actually enjoyed my skin. Random hormonal zit or two here and there but nothing that sent me running to the hills. I felt my confidence come back and the best part . . . . I even stopped wearing foundation everyday, I would just conceal the zit or two that I had at the time. What an amazing feeling to only wear eye and lip make up. Alas, I had a FREAK breakout that started about three days ago so Wed

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Not A Good Day

Blah, today sucks. . . well yesterday sucked too becaues just like clock work my face has broken out and I have dont nothing to help it. . . just picked the shit out of it which i know is wrong but in my sick head I always think it sounds like a good idea at the time. I have been really cutting back on my picking habit and when I dont do it I love my skin, then I squeeze a bump one night and then start everywhere else its a sick twisted cycle. i know that by the end of this week/start of nex

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Hello Acne.org! My First Post

I am no stranger to ACNE.ORG Like most acne sufferers I have been traveling off and on this site for years, and you know what? It really is the only place at times where I can find any relief from what is going on in my personal struggles with acne. So I decided that I am ready to start blogging, in hopes that I can help inspire others and that others can inspire me With this first entry I'm going to introduce myself and give you all a brief run down of whats going on (skin wise) F

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