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Accutane (Clarivis) Day 25

So, its day 25 on accutane/clarivis, almost a month yah! I'm on 20mg, 1 capusule a day. At this point I can definetely tell my skin is improving. Slowly but surely my acne is clearing up. I'm pretty sure i'm past the initial breakout stage, but you never know. I have my dermatology appointment soon and I'm thinking of asking him if he can increase my dosage. I feel like 20mg is a great starting point, but i've been reading of all these people on 40, 60 or even 80-100 mg and I'm just worried 20

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Started Accutane Days 1-12

Hi everyone, Sorry i'm lumping almost 2 weeks of information in one post, I'll do better next time So, I am on Clarivis (aka Accutane): 20mg, one capsule a day, for 8 months I'm not sure if I will be on 20mg for the whole course or if my dermatologist will be increasing my dosage. Days 1-3: Stressing out about the horrible IB, i've been worrying myself sick about it. So far have noticed that as soon as I take the capsule after dinner about 30 minutes to an hour later I get horr

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Ahhhh, 6 Days Before I Begin Accutane !

Hey fellow acne sufferers, I just wanted to give a quick summary of my history with acne and let you know what I have used in the past that hasn't worked for me. I'm also going to be starting accutane soon! Products used: Proactiv, Clean & Clear, Nuetrogena, Acne Free, Exposed Skincare, Cetaphil cleanser gel & bar soap, and a bunch of scrubs, exfoliators, I've used yougurt masks, I've tried the egg mask, drinking apple cider vineger, cutting out milk products, eating hea

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