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About this blog

Just my thoughts, reviews, and ramblings on my ever going quest for clear skin.

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My Skin

I remember first getting acne around 12-13 basically around the same time I hit puberty. My twin sister had, had acne ever since I could remember and I remember how much I used to make fun of her for having acne in elementary school. Well, I guess it was pay back I was plagued with acne when I got my first period (sorry if that was TMI). Anyways, go forward a couple years, I am now 19 and a freshman in college and my acne is horrible. My sisters skin might I add is now flawless, however since my tan skin tone (PuertoRican, Native American, Penn Dutch) I have horrible hyper pigmentation left over from my blemishes. I've done literally everything, I've gone the natural route, as well as the heavy duty route. The only thing that has seemed to even touch my acne was retin a, but that stuff is expensive and it irritated my skin. I've recently ordered some products from Carley's Clear and Smooth - I got their Clear and Smooth Acne Treatment, Day Time Moustorizer for Acne Prone Skin, Tamanu Cream (for scars), and their Mineral foundation in Tan Olive. That total came out to whopping 60 something dollars, let's hope it was worth it. What puts me at ease though is that they have a full refund guarantee, but let's hope I don't have to return any of this stuff. I will be posting videos to my youtube channel about what I think. I always break out around my period, but I have so many active pimples at the moment it's hard to tell which popped up when. It really has been disheartening, but I hope with my new found motivation that feeling of not being able to leave the house without a mask of makeup will change. It's time to get serious about my skin, thanks for reading.




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