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Accutane Day 8

So my skin is freaking the fuck out. Within the past 24 hours white heads have been rapidly appearing around my nose and mouth (something that never happened before tane). If I pop them there are new ones within hours. It's super painful and gross. I'm use my acne.org moisturizer to try and help regulate the insanity.





Accutane Day 7

Today is the 7th day of Accutane. I'm experiencing super dry skin around my nose and mouth. My lips are very dry and I have to resist picking them. I've noticed my vision is a little blurry and it takes my eyes longer to adjust to changes in light or see clearly after I rub them. I kind of feel shitty in general. On the edge of a head ache often and random stomach discomfort. Going to start taking Milk Thistle and Fish Oil ASAP to try and mitigate effects on my body. My skin on chest and back is already looking really clear. My face around my lips and chin is freaking out with white heads appearing multiple times throughout the day. I'm hoping this is just my skin purging and not some sort of reaction.




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