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Acne Sufferers - Here Is The Solution To All Your Problems!

Hey guys. I am 17 years old and have been suffering from acne for quiet some time now. Over the years, I have tried almost everything I read in different websites and heard from doctors. Finally, afters year of experimentation and suffering I have discovered a regimen that has completely cleared my face. I started Dan's regimen about a year ago but i wasn't quite satisfied with it. I still got occasional pimples once in a while. The thing that bugged me the most was that I had become a BP monster. I had to take it everywhere, apply it everyday and felt kinda being controlled by my acne. The fact that such a strong chemical was always resting on my face was quite disturbing. So I decided to keep changing my regimen until I found something completely satisfying. Here is what I have finally come up with. -> Morning (after taking a bath) - - Wash your face with a moisturizing face wash (not an acne one, I use Garnier Orange Extract). - Apply moisturizer only if you feel your skin is still dry, or if its the winter season. If you have any active pimples, spot treat with 5% Benzoyl Beroxide or Salicyclic Acid. -> After coming back from school/college (afternoon) - - Wash your face with an acne face wash (like Neutrogena or Clean and Clear). Do not apply any over the counter medicines. -> At Night (just before sleeping) - - Wash your face with an acne face wash (same as above). - Apply 2.5% BP on your entire face (do not apply it on places you don't break out, I don't apply it on my forehead). - Moisturize with a water based moisturizer (I use the one by Clean and Clear) after 10 minutes. - If you have any active pimples, spot treat with medicines which are compatible with BP like Nadifloxacin or Clindamycin Phosphate. DO NOT USE SALICYCLIC ACID OR RETIN-A. I have been using this regimen for about 6 months now and my face has completely cleared up. Now I only apply BP on alternate days, and have been having no problems at all. I will start again if I feel I am breaking out. For the post acne marks, I have started applying Retin-A at night when I don't apply BP, and it has already faded lots of them. Do not let the medications control your lives people, its fine to stop if you feel the problem has subsided. Some suggestions- - Use different face washes for summers and winters. A milder one for winters. - Don't panic if you forget or are not able to follow the regimen for a day or two, nothing is going to happen. - Use face scrub once a week (I use it on sundays). I substitute it with the face wash at night, and then apply BP. (face scrubs can cause microscopic cuts on your skin, applying BP afterwards will kill the bacteria since they can infect these cuts). If you break out after scrubbing, stop doing it. Hope this regimen helps all of you, thread is open for questions




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