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Day 32

So I just found this website and I thought it would be interesting to join! Im a 14 year old teenage girl who is now on day 32 of Roaccutane/Isotretinoin. I've been making videos on youtube about the progress in my skin and if you are interested then the username is also 'TheSkinOfGeorgie', here is a link to my channel http://www.youtube.c...e?feature=guide Now all thats covered I'll move onto my dosage and side effects, When I started my dermatologist put me on 40mg/day which I was on for 30 days, I'm on day 32 so I have my second lot of pills, this is where it becomes slightly more confusing, for week 5 I'm on 50mg/day, next week, week 6 will be 60mg/day then I'll go up to my full dose in week 7, 65mg/day then for the remainder of the treatment I'll stick with 65mg/day until mid september (I think my last pills are on the 8th of September, but I'm not certain, I started on the 12th of March?) Side effects I have or have had: Dry lips (Using Vaseline), Dry eyes (I wear contact lenses but 'Blink' eye drops seem to be doing the job), Back pain (short and only experienced after being bent over, goes away after a few seconds), Extremely soft hands (they were originally dry but now they are softer than ever before?!), Eczema (Benovate cream prescribed to me got rid of it completely), and finally I don't get any oil in my hair anymore, *bonus benefits!* I'll keep you posted on any progress/problems I have. I'm going to try and insert some photos from a few days ago, all the files were too big I'll try some different ones! I think I got one?! Next time I'll take some on my webcam!