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Hard lump left under skin weeks after lesion has "healed"

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Hard Lump Left Under The Skin After Acne Lesion Has "healed"?

So I'm on week 5 of my second course of roaccutane, and I developed this large lesion with no head to pop in week 1....I left it alone as I had learned my lesson from poking at these types of lesions before.....only I have noticed that although the redness disappeared a bit over 2 weeks, I am now left with a hard colorless lump under the skin. The surface is slightly brown-red in colour from the original lesion...but this lump is soooooo annoying...its been there since week 2 of my roaccutane course. Question: Will this lump go away of its own accord eventually (if so, really don't care how long this takes) or do I need to ask my dermotologist to remove it next time? I've been using hydrocortisone on it but to no avail...and I dont want to abuse hydrocortisone. Also, should the roaccutane help to get rid of this lump, what I believe is some type of scar?? Thanks!

Willow 89

Willow 89


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