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Day 1: New Beginnings

I have been a follower and fan of Dan's regimen going on five years now. This will be my third time starting-up the regimen and I hope my last, as I plan on sticking with it. The longest period of time I have religiously stuck to the regimen is eight months and then I got comfortable not following the regiment to a T. BIG MISTAKE. My face is at its worst, which is what has brought me back to Acne.org. I'm hoping that by keeping a weekly blog on my progress, it will not only hold me accountable, but it will give me hope that I can have beautiful skin. My ultimate goal is to go makeup-less. Pictures to be uploaded asap. Notes about current state of skin: Forehead: Small raised bumps all over forehead. My understanding is that these are whiteheads. Pores are enlarged. Chin: Blackheads, with a cluster of three painful pimples on the right side. Right Cheek: A mixture of whiteheads and LOTS of hyperpigmentation, three raised pimples near temple. Pimples along chin line. Left Cheek: A mixture of whiteheads, pimples-in the making and, hyperpigmentation. Pimples along chin line. Nose: Blackheads, enlarged pores.