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My Acne Story

Description: blonde, 178 cm, 'big boned' very pale skin tone, blue eyes severe acne (less severe now, but been to Hell and back with my skin) not the best diet by any means but I've given up on the idea that greasy food = greasy skin recently started taking vitamin supplements; magnesium, zinc, multivitamins smoke and drink socially only, about once a month +/- Background I've had spots since my early teens, and I can remember being one of two girls in my class with bad skin. At this stage it was merely greasy skin and a few superficial pimples along with some blackheads. I moved to a completely new place at the age of 13 - a much sunnier place - which I presumed helped clear the 'acne' somewhat, as I don't remember my skin being issue back then. The only issue was my large amount of enlarged pores on and on the sides of my nose, which still exist today. Acne medication So, at the age of 15 I moved (once again) to a much much much less sunny place, where I still live now (I'm 18). Almost instantly after moving, my skin got absolutely horrific, with it being at its worst around age 16. I realise that it's most probably 'normal' that teenage skin worsens around this age, but mine became really unbearably greasy, painful and unattractive. At the time, my worst areas were my cheeks (cyctic) and my forehead (small lumps). These refused to be covered up by any ridiculous amount of make up. I do believe that my acne is somewhat stress related, because at that time I was sitting national exams and my personal life wasn't at its best haha. When I was about 16 my mum dragged me to the GP's for my skin because she could see it becoming worse and saw the psychological and emotional effects it had on me. I've tried a billion different antibiotics (this was my GP's first port of call) including Erythromycin and others, I've also been prescribed a multitude of treatment creams and have had facials done to supposedly help the acne. None of these worked, and so, I was told to see a dermatologist. Roaccutane Immediately, the doctor recognised the severity of my acne, as it just would not respond to anything. As any fellow acne sufferers will be able to guess, I was put on Roaccutane, and of course, remained on the pill (Dianette). I started around July 2010 on a normal dosage, which then had to be amped up to an extremely high dosage after a few months, and I remained on Roaccutane until about March 2011; a very very very long time. The usual side effects did appear; dry lips, flaky skin (especially with thick make up), intestinal difficulties (brilliant), eczema patches on my arms and legs. None of those, I thought were particularly difficult apart from stomach issues, as the others could be mended with LOTS of cream. I do admit that I did freak out a little when I saw a bit of eczema on my skin - nothing hemp cream can't fix though. As for alleged psychological issues, I did not experience these. Of course, I had some serious lows but I really don't think they were caused my the medication per se, just the general shitness of my skin and my situation. The Accutane is very strong (especially in my case) and it was quite heart breaking to see my skin fall off and it could be quite pain ful (general aches). I do think that anyone with a past of mental 'weakness' or issues, or anyone of a weaker disposition/character think twice about Roaccutane. May I add that the pills taste and smell absolutely disgusting - prepare your taste buds. At the end of my Roaccutane experience, I did tell my dermatologist that I wanted to stop and she whole heartedly agreed with me. From about March to May my skin was good, but not as good as it was under Roaccutane in January. Roaccutane did not work as well for me as it may have done for other people, as my acne is ridiculously persistent. But what I really am grateful for, is the lack of oiliness now. I think a lot of my acne (not the cyctic acne) was caused by an excess of oil on my skin, which has largely gone now. I do get shine sometimes; at the end of a long day at school or if it's hot and I'm sweating. Over all however, my skin is not oily, and has the consistency of normal - combination skin. Today I still get acne though! I cannot understand why, and it's SO infuriating. Anyone in a similar position will agree with me, it really is the bane of my life (along with a few excess pounds, but that's nothing a treadmill can't fix). As for my skin regime, currenly, I use Chanel foaming face wash to get rid of my make-up Clinique face wash to wash my face Chanel face lotion Clinique even better dark spot corrector Any moisturiser, usually Nivea or Topshop brand I do use make up on a daily basis, will not leave the house without it on. It varies from day to day (I'm a bit of a make up freak), but always consists of: foundation, powder, eye make up, bronzer/blush. I think I'm allergic, or sensitive to certain powders which I'm sure do not help my skin... I'm currently on no acne medication and haven't been since March 2011. I'm considering ordering a batch of Pantothen (any opinions welcome), and have just ordered some Sudocrem (I'm desperate). Creams I use currently kind of vary and are rather inexpensive; I'm determined to go out and buy some Origins face stuff though; seems somewhat reliable. Scars The worst thing about my skin currently is not the amount of spots I have, but covering up the traces of those I used to have. My skin is incredibly red from scarring which I'm told will heal but I'm impatient and the only acne sufferer in my group of friends. It really feels so unfair that I've been cursed with this, and I know that to someone who hasn't suffered from acne, it sounds ridiculous. Constantly having to plan and think about when and where I can wash my face and reapply and prevent spots, and cover up scars is so infuriating. I reeeally envy those who have good skin, and if you do, please for the love of God take care of it! I don't really know what else to include in this. Should I be including photos? I'm new to this. If anyone else out there has experienced anything like this, please comment, I would LOVE to chat to someone who know what I'm still going through. Much love for even reading this, Eternal gratitude for commenting (Sorry about the essay form) - C.




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