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2 Months On Tetracycline

Now been 2 months on Tetracycline! My forehead, nose and chin have always been the most attacked areas, but they are definitely clearing up while on tetracycline. But my jawline and cheeks (especially my left side) are attacked with red marks. I think that my skin can’t keep up with a normal razor, so I’m going to try an electric razor. I don’t drink or eat any dairy, which my family has been supportive with (cut off the cheese in different meals, buy soy/rice milk instead of cow milk etc.). My




I Was At The Doctor Today!

And what a confused doctor! But he gave me Tetracycline, which was my reason to go to the doctor. But i took my garlic pills, zink pills and vitamins together with my regimen: DSC cleanser, Oxy on Spot 2,5 % and DSC moisturizer with me, so the doctor could take a look at it. He said that garlic pills and zink was useless. Vitamins are not beneficial if you just eat healthy food. He said that it was good that I didn't use a regimen with perfume and alcohol, but I HAD to use the regimen that I




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Introduction Of My Blog

Hi there! I'm a 17 year old boy and turn 18 in next month. I'm from Denmark in a small town near Copenhagen. It's a town where everybody know me and I know everybody. That's why I hate where I live. Because everybody knows that I have acne and I hate that. My acne started about when was turning 16. It has been times with both bad and good periods. I have always been very quiet and shy. But when I was 15, I started to interest in how I was looking. I began to use hair wax and use more time




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