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Mum's experience with child's acne issues

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My son (15) has had acne problems for over two years. We started by seeing a dermotologist, and he began using products described by others on these blogs: a topical antibiotic, a steroid cream, short term oral antibiotic. Changed demratologists 9 months ago, same type of treatment. Oral antibiotics, strong, caused severe stomach problems. There was no noticeable difference in the acne, and his face was red, and angry, looked very irritated all the time. About three months ago I talked with my hairdresser, and she said that she had terrible acne problems growing up. When she first started to earn some money, despite her mothers disapproval, she paid for regular facials. Her acne cleared up. So I called several beauty salons in town, and found one that had a person who specialized in facials for acne. She started my son off with weekly facials for three weeks. After the first treatment there was an immediate improvement. It looked like he had skin again. Treatments then went to every two weeks, no every three weeks or once a month. The acne is not a problem any more, has a few spots, but his skin looks great. Stopped the oral antibiotic but still uses the topical creams at times. It is also coupled with cleanser, toner and moisturiser use, recommended by the beautician. I would guess these are similar to the regimen suggested on this web page. I am surprised that the dermatologist didn't recommend this. I repreatedly asked about cleansing procedures, but both dermatologists stressed the importance of the pharmaceuticals rather than a regular regimen of cleansing and moisturizing. I'm very happy to see the results of the facials. These are not cheap but the money is going to a local woman.