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How i got rid of my acne, i am allergic to benzoyl peroxide

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How I Got Rid Of My Acne, I'm Allergic To Benzoyl Peroxide

Hey everyone, I am sooooo happy cause i have finally found a regime that has got rid of my acne! Thought i'd share this with you.....even if it helps one person then that's something. Background I have suffered from mild acne since i was 14 which did fluctuate from month to month, i tried so many different products and the only things that helped were the contraceptive pill (dianette) and benzoyl peroxide (quinoderm cream). Quinoderm cream worked great inititally, i did have the expected red flaky skin so just increased the moisturiser that i used. After a while my skin rebelled and my face was puffy, bright red and itchy which was very embarrasing, i had to stop using it. I did re-visit 2.5% bp creams but still had the same reaction. Recent I had the contraceptive implant fitted in october and since then i have endured 6 months of hell with lots of acne, some cystic and very painful. The best thing i could have done was buy a book by Lydia Preston called Breaking Out. This is so imformative and stated that the best regime to use is a combination of Benyzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid at different times of the day so they don't counteract eachother. Apparantly bp is best for prevention and sa is best for current acne so using together works best. My Regime I wash my face in the morning with Clean & Clear advantage fast acting face wash (contains salicylic acid) I use a little cetaphil moisturiser In the evening i wash my face with Clean and Clear truly gentle facewash (has no harsh chemicals, my aim is to clean my face thoroughly so i can apply less bp facewash) I then use Clean and Clear Continuous Control Cleanser (10% bp, my theory was to try bp again after my allergy but try a facewash so it doesn't sit on my face all night). Initially my face was red from the bp wash but this only lasted for 30 mins, it states to wash for 30 seconds, i just wash for 15 seconds and use a small blob. I then wait for 20 minutes and apply Clean & Clear advantage spot treatment gel, salicylic acid (i wait 20 mins so the bp has less chance of counteracting the salicylic acid) Results My skin had improved soley from using the Salicylic acid products but i was still getting spots, since incorporating the bp face wash my skin looks amazing and the clearest it has been in years. I really hope that my regime might help someone else. I have some scarring to deal with now, probably try lemon juice but at least i don't have the acne anymore (I have ordered a 4% bp wash by panoxl to try out and i think you can get 2.5% one's for those who are really allergic or have sensitive skin)




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