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Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap Anyonee?

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Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap?

Okay well I'm a teenage in need to clear my acne The derm. prescribed Apo - Minocycline and some topical Gel The products seem to be working but then i researched on two things First - Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap the Vegetable Based one Second - Grandpa's Thylox Sulfur Treatment I've also read some great reviews on how these products helped with acne and even keratosis pilaris which i have on my arms. Soo, I need help.. 1) Do these products actually work? 2) Where can i get them ( Living in Canada ) 3) Will it treat the redness of my acne 4) Will it help with the Keratosis Pilaris that i have on my arms ( btw KP is the red bumpy spots on my arms) 5) How should i use the products? 6) Out of the two which one is the best ? Please help me out on these Thank you so much!