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the story of what worked to manage my acne!

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I Was Inspired To Share My Story Of What Got Me Clear!

ACNE. As a sufferer of acne for about the better half of 13 years, I know and understand the physical and emotional distress this condition causes. Through those years, I endured the pain of experimenting with different products, prescriptions, regimens, anything I could get my hands on to have the soft, clear skin I had long dreamed of. I Cannot tell you how many years of miss-using treatments left me with just as much acne as I started with. It is those 13 years of pain, anger, and wasted time that has inspired me to start this blog. If I can share with anyone how I have triumphantly conquered my battle with acne, and help them achieve healthy, clear skin, then I will be more than satisfied. Please explore my blog to read what has gotten me to the clear state I longed to be in and let me know how your journey goes! blog: www.skinsightful.tumblr.com I would love questions and hearing from you! skinsightful@gmail.com x