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Okay thought I'd try one more thing before sucking it up and shelling out the money for a dermatologist's opinion and a few days ago I started with the acne.org products. Did some research and the reviews were generally favorable. I forgot that online it said to work your way up to the BP dosage and went with two finger's worth right off the bat. Boy does my face feel raw. My supervisor at work likes to mother me and yesterday I got a big lecture about how I should never put something on my face without a prescription. It probably doesn't help that I'm not using the full two pumps of mosturizer in the morning. I just can't get myself up early enough to give it time to dry. Gonna have to change that though. I promised I would totally be 100% strict with myself as far as following the directions go before spending money on a professional. Anyway, my face is already a teensy bit clearer. I am definitely going to have to do something about the scarring I've built up over years of picking at my face. The scaring and redness look worse than the blemishes themselves. In recreational news, my friends and I got high as balls and watched Enter the Void so this morning I missed an application of the regimen. Whoops!