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Day 18

I guess it's been awhile. The hydrocortisone cream was helpful, because it helped speed up the healing process of the cyst. I apply it everyday and the two are going away much more quickly than would happen. I also use it on other pimples to help them along as well. I don't know if it's helping or if I am just healing. My skin is very dry on my face, and has been flaking a lot, causing the lotion to sometimes just sit on top of my skin because of the flakes. So, I have had to start exfoliating w

Accutane Day Eight

I am getting used to myself without makeup. It isn't pretty, still distracting with all the spots, but it is better than wearing makeup that looks gross and flakes off my skin. I'm also a senior in college, so no one cares what I look like, and I don't have to pretend to look professional by covering up with makeup. I do feel like my skin looks better, even with no makeup and the current red beasts that have taken up residence on my face. I was in so much pain yesterday I spent a lot of time loo

Day Seven- 1 Week Down! :)

Today is my seventh day of Accutane! The aches, headaches, tiredness, stomach aches, etc. have mostly seemed to go away. it was probably just my body reacting to the new medication. I have read that after you have had 120 mg of Accutane is when it really starts working, so yesterday would have been the day. I feel like my skin overall does already look significantly better. I only have two new pimples, but they are the deep red cysts that take forever to heal, and have probably been waiting to c

Day Five/day Six

Yesterday I overate a bunch of food, and had a double double from In N Out. Soooo dank, but probably not good for my skin. I started getting one of those huge super painful deep pimples next to my nose. I wonder when it is gonna show up. Other than that, my face appears to be drying out. Today I am not wearing make-up since I'm just chilling at home mostly. I may not wear makeup for the next few days until Erick comes because I feel like it has to be better for my skin. My skin is super dry and

Day Four

Today I have woken up drunk from last night. I wonder if the Accutane had an effect on my drinking. I only had 2 glasses of wine, 1 glass of champagne, and two pulls from the tequila bottle- I shouldn't have been that drunk. I ate salad with seasame dressing and tons of vegetables (so delicious) and lentil salad with tomatoes and spinach. I think the only reason you aren't supposed to drink on Accutane is because both are hard on your liver. I decided not to re-apply my makeup before I went out

Accutane Day One, Two, And Three

Lemme introduce myself: I'm a 21 year old female college student living in Southern California. I am graduating at the end of May, and all I want for graduation is clear skin. I have had acne since I was about 13 and started getting my period. Throughout high school my skin was bad compared to my friends (who always have had miraculously clear skin without needing to do anything), but I wore makeup and didn't care about it that much because acne is something that you are supposed to grow out o
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