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dose the Regimen work? or not

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Regimen Success And Fully Understanding The Problem-

The word pimple, zit, acne, how dose that sound when you say it, kinda of bad or diminishing. kinda right, but who cares that's what they are and then they pass. They are also something deep inside of us to like i dono hair think about it their in our pours, ultimately a pine cone on a tree as they fall changes in the spring time just like how we go though are changes we can be pine cons too. There is some people who fall off the tree and sit...... because they don't maybe have enough water get what i mean if we want to grow in to beautiful tree eat healthy. To understand Acne fully first understand your self derr its very important part of human development, i think would you say you understand what your body needs after having acne or "just saying" "i want to get clear" and not knowing any thing about your self seem helpless. The Regimen has been very conserved i use it the way the sit told me, and had immediate changes. i had (moderate to server) since around jr high. why did this work the (site)__has information so every thing is easy to gather and understand. but i still have acne, zits ,pimples but i feel like there going to go away soon. its been a (month) since i started the Regimen.