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About Moi

Dear blog, it's me writing to you - CaseyS, I'm not a very computer-person since I don't have much time for that, most of the time I'm working for IDF and coming home pretty much late, although I'll try and KEEP POSTING and updating this time my experiments with my acne and try to find my own unique (or not) cure for this bastard thing - ACNE. About me: I'm an 19 years old actor and a soldier in Israel, I love the stage, I love nature, the sea (which I can see from my window) and ADRENALINE. I'm a smoker though I'm trying to quit now. My acne started when I was about 13, and it kept spreading on my face (and lately on my back) throughout the years, I'm really sick of that, ashamed a bit and most of the time I look at the mirror I see a pretty face with ugly acne on it. I love my self very much as I love my parents, my friends, animals and the nature - Cause LOVE is PEACE, and loving yourself, excepting yourself is a huge step to success at everything in life - and MY FACE will clear up because I LOVE it and there is not place for acne upon it Love, CaseyS




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