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Day 1,599 Off Meds (Roughly)

hello! my skin is still clear and is better than a lot of people's skin - has been for years! i hope my blog has helped people at least a little bit - good luck if you're on accutane. you'll get there in the end and it'll be worth it. take care of your skin - don't pick, don't squeeze, and you'll do just fine. my long term boyfriend of over four years who i wrote about in my early entries recently split up with me and i just want to write that when he split up with me i was so devestated. one thing i told him was that when i was on my meds and i was dry lipped and spotty and caked in make-up to hide myself he still fell in love with me and i never thought anyone could fall in love with someone looking like i did. but he did, and he said that it was never an issue, he didn't care about what my skin was like or if my lips weren't soft. i just wanted to write that to let anyone who needs to know that it doesn't matter what you look like, it's really who you are inside that really counts. my skin's the best it's been since i was a child and he fell out of love with me - don't let your skin stop you be who you are because it doesn't matter if you're spotty or clear skinned, love and friendship isn't stopped by what you look like. i'm sure my posts will, if they don't end here, be few and far between. but if anyone has a question they'd like to ask, i get alerts by email if anyone messages so i will get back to you immediately love yourselves! fi xxx




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