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Acne - Hide And Go Seek

11 weeks and 3 days, about 52 days and still not clear. at about 2 months and 1 week was the first time i had no active breakouts .. CLEAR SKIN! but a couple days later one pimple came then a second then a third, then a FOURTH. so now i have 4 big visable pimples and little small blemishes and very irritated skin During the time my skin was finally clearing up my treatment was finishing so i wasn't using the full amount because i had to make it last until my new set came in AND a little





Starting To Lose Hope

so since Friday I've been on The Regimen for 2 months, i use Dan products (his cleaner, treatment, and moisturizer) religiously I have never missed a night or a morning and I never missed one product. everyday i used Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer SPF 15 sensitive skin (recommended by dan) i have a lot of hyperpigmentation and i really don't want it to get darker. In the beginning everything i read about happened, the dryness, flaking, the reptile looking skin I also broke out a lot i




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