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Background And Plan

I don't care if anyone sees this or not, this is mainly just for me... CURRENT LIFE: SKIN As my inconsiderate mother says...''ITS Not that Bad, your overacting'' well she's kind a right but still... My breakouts has been always moderate/mild YET Consistant ... so its like everyother day a new one visits and its like small/medium 'scatters' of zits mainly on my T-zone area REGIMEN: As my inconsiderate mother says..."Just wash your face with water, then u wont get acne'' yea wateverrr.... The only thing tha worked for me was ACCUTANE (glass skin, matte skin when on it), yet not really because acne isnt suppose to come back after treatement, but mine did after about 5-6 months off it. I was on 40 mg btw for about 5 months... So i had a leftover pack of some and decided to take those about a month ago, CLEARED...NOw i ran out.. and DOUBT my doc is gona prescribe me more My face is pretty clear now, but i can feel the acne wanting to come visit me soon again, im already getting a big one and..its getting oily agaaaiiiin... i think thats my main prob...OILYNESS At night i just put on PersaGel by clean n clear 5% I wash face in morning and night wiht a gentle cleanser that has 'green tea extract' bought it at a health store, it only has 5 ingredients in it.. soo its nt harsh.. Diet I remain 'lacto-ovo' vegetarian. Meaning I eat dairy products and eggs. No meat/fish for bout 7 years. skin condition was the same before i became vegetarian. I only drink water. Not because its 'heathly' but because I dont like pop or any other beverage. So basically i drank and prefered water alll my life. barely, barely drank milk either. I don't eat junkfood, barely. Not because i try 'hard' to be healthy, i'm just cheap and picky... sooo, guess thats a good thing. I eat pretty healthy, again i don;t try too, i just happen to find spinach and eggwhites tasty, as well other fruits n vegies.. PHYSICAL FITNESS I have none, barely, but want to change that... i'm not overweight, i remain on the slim-medium side (because i'm just that damn of a picky-eater, as well too cheap to buy my food most times) STILL the reason why i want to start 'exercising' DAILY because i think breaking a sweat in the FACE will help alot....i remember doing this before and it helped. BASICALLY i want to BLOG about the EFFECTIVENESS of daily exercize will have on my acne...main goal... sweat the shit outa my face and hopefully that will deter acne and keep my pores clear THE MAINS: -jump rope -weights -running for @ least 1/2 hr a day to ideal an hour a day.




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