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I have been on Duac and Differen for two months. I have not seen improvement. I have decided to do what I should have tried first - go organic with my facial products.

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Why I Went From Duac To Organics

Hi, I am new to this site. My unfriendly dermatologist prescribed me duac and differen two months ago. Two months later, I have decided to stop using these harsh chemicals and start using organic and natural skincare products. Here's my story: I had just finished my first semester of college, and I was frustrated because while I wanted to feel great about myself and branch out and meet new friends, I felt inhibited by my bad skin. Before coming to college in a new city, I had always had pretty decent skin. I would have a breakout here and there, but nothing like what I experienced recently. Now I had inflamed pimples, I think the dermatologist said they were nodular. It could have been much worse, but I was definitely getting more of those "under the skin painful bumps" than ever before, and unfortunately my older sisters passed down the habit of "popping pimples," so I was messing with my skin a lot. These deep pimples were leaving red marks that were not healing. For the first semester of college, I was using Dermalogica products recommended to me by my facialist: active moist for moisturizer, overnight clearing gel for spot treatment, and a cleanser with salycilic acid. I was also using lemon juice and tea tree oil occasionally to dry things up on my face. I have also had problems with acne on my back and chest, but that has calmed down with the usage of the salycilic acid cleanser in the shower, and afterwards with the overnight clearing gel. Worked for my back, but not for my face! I also had started using "Skin79 Beblesh Cream," a BB Cream from Korea as my foundation. It did a good job of covering scars and blemishes, but stung sometimes when I was applying it on top of differen/duac. I read a review on the BB cream online saying that it caused cystic acne on cheeks after I had gone through a full bottle and had just started my second. This is where I was getting the acne! I had never really had problems on my cheeks before, so this was abnormal. I stopped using the product a few weeks ago. I continued with the Duac and Differen, and decided to try Tarte products instead of the BB cream. I started using Tarte Smooth Operator SPF 20 foundation, and also ordered mascara and concealer by the company. While I liked the products, the skin underneath was still problematic. (Sidenote: I just ordered the Amazonian clay calming concealer, and am excited to try it. Got rave reviews.) Duac and Differen made my skin more and more irritated, red, and itchy. When I applied Active Moist it burned. So, a few days ago I decided that I had had enough of these harsh chemicals. I now feel foolish for not trying more natural alternatives before resorting to harsh chemicals that are relatively new. I have always lived a healthy lifestyle, eating organically whenever possible and practicing yoga when I have the time. Frustrated with Duac and Differen, I started reading posts on this website, and reading about all kinds of natural face products. Here is what I am now using: Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash - Original, and the MyChelle All In One Oily Acne Skin Kit. I am also doing the Oil Cleansing Method, with jojoba oil and castor oil. I have seen an improvement in my skin already, and I am no longer itchy and dry. Already less red! I am hoping to continue to see improvement, and I will update this when I can. In the mean time, if anyone reading this has questions or past similar experiences, please do ask and share!




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