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It's Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This First Post With You!

Welcome everyone; or anyone that has actually taken the time to read this. This'll be my own little corner of acne.org from now on, and I'll do my best to update it now and then regarding whatever's on my mind in regards to acne and the like. I don't use accutane or anything other than the Cleanser/Bp/Moisturizer regimen. Hows about a backstory to kick things off: This is far from my first few days on the regimen; actually i've been flirting here and there with Dan's whole regimen for at least 5 months or so. About 3 months of all that was useless. Now, heed my warning on this if you're new to this site, because it'll save you a hell of a lot of time: I was stubborn and decided to ramp up to the full BP amount almost right off the bat. I figured "yeah, well I know it says on here not to do that, but I'll probably be fine anyway. I'm usually right about things, and i want it done faster, so whatever." DON'T DO THAT. Long story short I restarted the regimen and slowly worked up to the full BP amount over a month or so, and I was pretty darn clear. I mean everyone still has some breakouts here and there in the first few months, so don't be alarmed by that. But the far bigger problem was dryness and flakes. Damn the dryness and flakes. It almost seemed like a tradeoff: I can have this clear skin now, but I get a new problem of shedding white snowflakes from my face like I'm frosty the snowman. I ended up having to slowly bring down the BP amount, like most people do. Now, there's two options here: either use less BP both morning and night, or use the full amount at night and none at morning. Personally, I like the first option better. And that's about where I am today. Don't be fooled though, my journey isn't at all over. I'm still working on fixing some dryness, problems with moisturizer, and there's the whole "red marks" issue left by previous acne that's gotta be dealt with. This is simply where I felt like stepping in and writing something about it all. Half because I wanted to possibly help others going through this, and half because I really like to hear myself talk and talk. But I digress... I dare say that wasn't a half bad first post!