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Journal On Acne Scar Revision Part 2

Continuation of post op day 7 Today my one stitch in the navel area was taken out by my primary provider. And yes Dr. Y is corresponding with me thru email. He advised me to do my regimen every 2-3 hours, and true enough the crusting cleared late in the afternoon. I ask my sons if I still look pretty even though my scars are back. They said yes of course and they thought it's part of me. So I explained to them that my genes has acne in the family, that if they have it too, I will always love them regardless and help them thru treatment. My oldest son that he will eat more fruits and vegetables because oily foods clogged the skin, wow! My husband is always excited with my day to day improvement, he is being planning our next trip for the next treatment and he said he will take also the boys with us. My procedure was done in another state. Even talking about saving money. Oh my, despite the scars coming back, I feel so loved. Post op day 8 My face is almost 95% crusting free. My 3-4 depressed scars are gone. Still praying that my fat grafting will survive. Looking in the mirror I feel less of a monster because my skin are not depressed that much, just a normal scars. Well, as the doctor said, his knife is not a magic wand! But at least, I would say, I look a bit better. Post of day 9 Something amazing happen. My scars are actually smaller! And my skin are so smooth... I will keep you all posted... Post op day 10 Looking at the mirror, I see no change. Dr. Y emailed me that I need a follow up procedure. This is the time my blog ends. Another ending, still a happy one because I had an amazing journey.




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