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Journal On Acne Scar Revision (Laser Resurfacing And Fat Grafting)

Post op day 2 Today I feel awful, I m all swollen up. But I still can see my scars, I should have not done this. I am missing my old face. I cried in the afternoon because I am afraid of how my boys going to react with how I look.  Post op day 3 I feel a little bit better emotionally. But physically, I feel fine, with less discomfort. I came to accept that my scars will not really disappear, all I wanted was to look normal now, no swelling and redness so that I can get back to work. I am so into my routine, every 4 hours cleansing my face, with washing of vinegar solution, then once my skin is dry I covered with Vaseline. I even take a shower today. Today I took time to send letter to Dr. Y Post op day 4 No change. Just annoyed with the whole process. I still look like kokey. Dr. Y neglected me. No email at all. Post op day 5 Itching increases while crust fall off. My chin is totally clear now from crust. Frustration began as I see old scars in my chin, it just look smoother but scars right back there in my chin. My BFF came by prior to her flight to London, took my 1st picture that I uploaded to Facebook, of course I use photo editor so me will look blurry. Had FaceTime with Family. They saw me already. Well according to them I look more of a chipmunk than kokey. But my husband is excited with the way I look, he is so positive that my scar will be improved. Post op day 6 I am done with antibiotic, few more antiviral tablets. Woke with severe itching on my face. Wash up again with my routine. Old scars showing back again. Hello scars! Smile! Oops I have to refrain from smiling. Now it pays not to get my hope high.  This is happening again, same as when I have my dermabrasion, just smoother scarface again! Acceptance is the key. But reality hurts. I just wish I will be able to work on weekend, so as I can start paying for my loan and bills due. Yakkkk! Post op day 7 Last dose of antiviral. Face clearing up, can see a smoother scarface, scars still there. Will have one stitch remove from my tummy. That where my fat was harvested.