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Week 1

paul- thank youuu! im really hoping that this time will get rid of this acne for good lol END OF WEEK 1.. ooookay, cool. sooo, this week has pretty much been hell. apparntly the infamous "initial breakout" has decided to come early for me. either that, or its because ive been forgetting to wash my face at night (i know, shame on me..) but either way my face is going crazy. also, ive been having terrible back pain for the last couple of days. seriously, just laying down makes my back hurt butttt, i guess thats the price ill have to pay for clear, beautiful skin(: my skin hasnt dried out at all yet, but my lips are a little drier than usual. im trying to figure out this whole picture thing, so ill have those sooon. tooodless!

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MY BACKGROUND.. where to begin.. welll, i did a 6 month course of accutane about two years ago and it looks like im back for more lol my first course wasnt too bad, as far as side effects go. just the usual dry skin and lips. my skin was totally clear for about a year, besides some hyperpigmentation that never went away, then the pimples slooowly started coming back. and that brings us to now. my face is absolutely hoooorendous. my forehead, my temples, my chin, my cheeks.. all pretty much covered in pimples. notttt fun. i started my second course about 5 days ago and i have yet to see any side effects, besides slightly dry lips. i dont have a picture of when i started, but ill be posting a 1 week picture in a couple of days. there really hasnt been much noteable change anyways.

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