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Dkr Progress

I've been on the DKR since Friday. It is now Sunday morning and I have seen SOME improvement, although I'm getting new zits. My face is nowhere near as red as it used to be. So, I guess being gentle on your skin is key in preventing redness. Yes, my face still does get slightly red, but not as bad as before; which makes me happy! I'll admit that after using all the recommended products, my skin does start to burn/sting a bit, along with my face feeling 'tight' from becoming dry, due to the BP. But, it doesn't bother me none. My face also gets itchy at times but I refrain myself from scratching. I have gotten a couple 'normal' small sized zits popping up (all came to a white head), which I'm guessing is from starting this new regimen. As long as I don't get any more gigantic cysts though, I'll deal =) BUT, I'm not going to get my hopes high, for there's a chance I might get another cyst/big zit. I know it's too early in the regimen to start making claims that this is working for me. But the progress so far, I am pleased with. I'm being patient with the whole thing. I've also stopped drinking sodas/sugary drinks completely; I've only been drinking water. Veggies and fruits have been added to what I eat more. Trying my best to not eat as many processed foods but it's kinda hard when you live in a household where you don't have control over what is bought in groceries. I'll be posting these blog entries every 3 days or so. A picture will be posted after each week. I hope this really works for me! And for you, too! =)




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