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6 Month Accutane Journey Complete

Hey Everyone, So its been some time since I posted last, been too busy sorry. Lots has happened. Not sure where to begin but here it goes. I found out by my new family doctor I have poly cystic ovaries, which is a contributing factor and probably the main cause to my acne. I was worried when I saw her because it was the middle of month 5 and I was still breaking out with a few pimples and also my menstrual cycle was all crazy. She told me I should be on birth control as treatment for the polycysitc ovaries and to help with the acne after accutane, my dermatologist agreed. I cant say that I am thrilled with the outcome of accutane because I was hoping I would be acne free, but I am glad its not the way it once was. I wish they had found the cause of my acne before because really I should have been on birth control before the accutane, though im glad they found it. Here is my final result of accutane Goodluck to everyone on accutane! Cheers!




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Accutane Journey - Week 17(Day 119)

day 119 , woooooow! i cant believe i am here. I jut want to share with all of you embarking on this journey with me everything thats been going on. It hasn't been easy, let me tell you. I had days where i felt like complete and utter shit. Acne has taken over my life, to the point where I have lost friends dont keep in touch, my social life is crap, im not social at all, i say very little and go out only as far as down the street. I hated going to school, i felt so embarassed. But I stuck through. I havent been posting much the last while because I was going through a crazy study cram mode for my resgistration exam and then right after began working. So here is my update. I cant say I have had any serious mood swings that were so outrageous. I was stressed for my exam so i feel as though it was more so that triggering any of it, rather than the accutane. My eyes became dry, and red so Im using visine red eye to help. I had a bridal shower a few weeks ago and i felt quite pale. So since i cannot be in the sun i decided to use a self tanner. My skin after became red, itchy and extremely flakey and crusty. I had to moisturizer like a mad woman. I am now using a new Cetaphil face foam wash which is specific for dry oily acne prone skin. I still use the Eucerin cream for my face as well as body when there ezcema looking red patches. Vaseline for my nose and still in love with my chapstick which is the Body Shop vitamin E and SPF 15 - amazing product. I cannot go 10 minutes with out it. I have become the paranoid accutane sufferer looking for my chapstick all the time. Keeps my lips constantly moistened and hydrated for a few hours. I drink water like crazy and chew sugar free gum with xylitol in it which really helps aswell. Constant application of sunscreen no matter what. No need to make things worse for yourself by not putting it on. Skin is cleared up pretty well a few tiny bumps but fairly soft with scars left to heal up. I saw my derm on friday, and unfortunately she didnt feel as though I have come to where i should be at this point so I am going to be on it for 2 more months. Which is a bummer but I am willing to stick it out and only go through this once to have a clear acne free life! Be ware, this is not a pretty sight you are about to see, but I am willing to show what a difference and how far I've come. march beginning of april mid april mid may beginning of June TODAY!! please feel free to ask any questions and leave comments! And if your in the process of thinking or not sure if you'd like to join the accutane journey, I am one who doubted I wouldn't see the end of the road, and clearly I am hopeful now and see the end of the tunnel. For those starting the journey, have faith and keep your head high, because there will be some real low times but you will get there! Cheers!




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Day 91 - Week 13

So it's been quite some time since I last posted and thats because not alot has happened for me to be updating. I'll fill you in anyway. Same old buldging cysts, and when I feel like my face is semi decent and they're starting to disappear, another comes along. I can most definately say I have come along way from where I was before I started accutane. There was not a single spot on my face that was not covered with acne/cyst and how red it was. I've noticed that the pimples are limited to my face so my back and shoulders are clear of them and the scars there are beginning to be less noticable which is great considering summer is here. Feeling dry as per usual - therefore been using all the same products ( cetaphil cleansing moisturizer, Eucerin daily moisturizer, The Body Shop lip balm SPF 15 & Vit. E). Nose is not as dry as it once was but still am applying vaseline. My hands and lower arms had mild eczema but disappeared as I continually moisturizer and now there is nothing there. I watch myself when Im in the sun whether it be for a drive or just walking, the SPF is going on or I try to cover up with a light cardigan - seriously feeling like some sort of vampire jeeze. I cannot wait for those days to be over and I can live a normal life - social drinking, some Vitamin D exposure, not watching what I eat and wonder will this affect me drastically etc. Today and for a few days now, my face is actually looking like its going some where. It is not as red the scars are looking like they're going down. Im hoping month 4 will finally make a huge difference between the cysts/acne, redness and scars. Fingers crossed. Also, if you are wondering about side effects - dry, dry dry. That is all. no headaches, no joint pain, no bowel problems, no pyschological problems. All is good!

Week 10 Day 70

Here is my schpeal on my accutane journey, its been quite the bumpy road and even a bumpy face with still quite a bit of reddness and cysts.Cheeks were looking pretty good until yesterday and jaw line is such a stubborn area its un freaken believable! uggh so frustrating only because i swear every time i wake up feeling like my face is meh, then i continue on with my day and another few appear and they hurt. and then again, and its a continuous viscious cycle and im so frustrated and annoyed... when will i see the results!! i am becoming so impatient that its still purging i guess. not sure if that is because of stress from school exams and a licensing exam im studying for, my diet, lack of exercise recently but yeah. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Day 59 - Week 8 Accutane

hello to all those reading, i cannot believe that 2 months on accutane have already come and gone. As far as my acne goes, it too has come and gone. My face has a few actives mostly on the left side along the jaw line, and few pimple like on my forehead. Which to me is much less than what it used to be. I am noticing it is a LITTLE less red, generally where it used to be my whole face was like a tomatoe when i have major cysts everywhere possible on my face. Now it is mearly becoming less visible, atleast in my eyes. Today i went to see my dermatologist, who decided to keep me on 60mg for the 3rd and 4th month. She told me those 2 months will generally be about the same so she decided to see me in 2 months time instead of 1. She also said at the next appointment she will determine whether or not i need to stay on accutane for 1 more month or 2. I am hoping i see great improvements so I only need to be on it for 5 instead of 6 months, so i can enjoy the summer!! you may be wondering what symptoms i've been having... well pretty much same old. dry chapped lips but no cracking ( knock on wood, dont want to jinx it) dry nose, dry scalp less oily therefore less frequent hair washing, dry skin, and most recently a muscle aches and soreness but nothing i can't handle. I've noticed that my skin is really sensitive to this antibacterial hand sanitizer at school for my clinical, and i absolutely hate it! it is far too strong and literally burns when i apply it. unfortunately i cannot avoid it completely, so i deal with it. my hands then develop this patchy redness on them and i apply moisturizer constantly and then it goes away and i keep it under control that way. I wash my face daily with Cetaphil gentle moisturizer face wash and apply the Cetaphil gentle moisturizer or I use quite often as well Eucerin moisturizer both are really great products gentle and really help the skin. for my lips that dont look dry as they're constantly being hydrated and kept it great condition i use "the body shop - lip care SPF15 with vitamin E. honestly one of the best products out there. i started with blistex products and it didnt do anything... this has kept them in great shape like you wouldn't believe. I am that crazy girl on accutane with about 5 chapsticks lying around every where and applying every half hour to an hour. I am currently make up free since i have been on my course of accutane. I did occasionally wear it such as at a job interview and at Easter. Lets just say it did not look too great. When i first applied it, it was ALRIGHT but after a few hours it was blotchy and flakey and uggh beyond gross. I avoid make up now because in my opinion i feel that it is the root and soul cause of my acne. I want to be free of acne and have given up on make up for now. I have never before accutane gone a day with out make up and maybe it was the products i used, who knows. But if anyone knows of any products out there that are really good for acne prone skin that wont cause breakouts or clog pores etc let me know! That is all for now fellow bloggers, I will keep you posted and post pics soon! Feel free to ask me anything, you're not in this alone!

Day 43

Ok so today marks day 43 or week 6 however u wanna look at it. And things are ok. last week was my first week or so on 60mg and no significant side effects changed between doses. just feelin a little more dry with the lips no cracking really just chapped but managable with my vitamin e & spf chapstick ( dont know what id do with out it ) i've recent ly developed a little weird bumps on my lower arms and on the upper forearm some rash like patches not sure how to describe it but it itches here and there. also my hands developed some dryness and redness looking like rash aswell so just keeping up with moisturizing them since im always sanitizing or washing them for my clincials at school. ummm acne was really good and under control last week it was barable & i felt pretty decent for the first time in a while. I have not been wearing ANY makeup during my course of accutane - i just go to school & come home and here and there have to go out more in public such as the mall but im over it. I just want to get rid of the acne & so ive eliminated what i feel like is a cause or just makes it worse for myself. yes sometimes i feel ppl looking at me like i have leprocacy or something, but ive come to realization everyone has imperfections but it may not be on the surface for everyone to see. i feel good about my accutane course so far. my face has changed slightly, feeling less oily noticed less blackheads for sure. I did break out this past weekend really baddd and it really bothered me bc i thought it was going well, but it will do that to you be good then bad i jusst have to take it one step at a time. i broke out along the jaw line, chin and neck with under the skin cysts and a few one my cheeks. I will admit i did pop the white heads butthey healed fast but i was proud of myself for the leaving the others behind ! im getting there with this not touching the face and popping them. here is a pic of me last week friday - not badd ehh and here is just yesterday YUPP- that is all for now. i shall keep you all posted on my accutane journey when i find some time to write again or have something more significant to say!

Accutane Day 28 & 2Nd Derm Appt

Hello to those reading, its been a while since my last blog and only a few things have changed or happened since then. 1. last week, I had to take a car ride for an hour and it was quite sunny outside and well i tried to cover myself from the sun by keeping my hood over my face. the next day I had a little bit of redness on my hands and then became a little bumpy and dry. so I constantly kept applying hand cream to help. from that hour drive in the sun - with no sunscreen (because I forgot and its usually cold here still at this time of year) be aware while using accutane!! I went and bought sunscreen SPF 50 lol and have been applying it everyday lately since the weather has been great and im wearing short sleeves. But I also work in dental so constant washing and applying sanitizer probably didnt help the redness & dryness situation, so constant application of Aveeno hand cream really helped especially before bed time. 2. I stil feel the same dryness in my face and body as before, but more recently in the last week, my scalp is dry. And so I can go a few days not washing my hair because it does not look greasy what so ever. My nose is more dryer then the usual and my doctor said to use vaseline at night for it. 3. saw my dermatologist today for my monthly check up and she was pleased with how the first month went. i told her i take weekly photos for myself as a good reminder how far i've come. She told me not to feel discouraged if the second month there isnt much more of a change and it stays about the same, she said at about the 4th month you will see a much better change & better results. So gradual and take this day by day! she up'd my dosage from 40mg a day to 60mg. I am hoping that doesnt increase side effects and things go smoothly. 4. As ive metioned before I tend to pop my pimples ( which are more like cysts) or pick my scabs - I KNOW everyone reading this is screaming at there computers - horrible habbit ive been trying to ween away from. SOOOO i've been doing ok.A few things that may help: a)I've always kept my nails short b) I got my friends to slap my hand if they see me with my hand on my face sitting in class cause those are the most common times i do so since i can feel it. I can only have my hand in my sleeve touching my face that way if I have to rest on it. c) a stress relieving ball helps just to keep my hands occupied or away from my face. or while in public just having my hands folded together. Attached is a picture after 28days using accutane. Not a drastic change from where I started but far less cysts, smaller in size and less redness just local in areas of a pimple or healing. Well, that about covers it all for now. I will try to keep you all more posted now that I am on a higher dosage - keeping note of any difference or side effects, etc. Lets hope this month goes well !

Day 13

Hey, so this is my very first blog. I thought I would share my experience with everyone and hope it helps to those unsure about using accutane and struggling with cysitc acne. My name is Katarina, im 22 from Canada and have been struggling with acne since puberty. During my preteen and teen years it was fairly normal acne here and there a pimple. As I got older it would just occur before my menstrual cycle and then go away. I have a really bad habit of popping them. Just last year I moved away from home for school for the first time. As school got more stressfull and being away from home got harder, my acne got worse. I started developing really bad acne along my jaw line, hairline, cheeks, neck, chest, upper arms and back. The worst was on my face, they kept appearing around the same areas all the time, and they would feel like pressure and just stuck under my skin. I kept my face fairly clean washed every night and morning, but wore makeup during the day as I felt embarassed and wanted to hide them as much as I could. My doctor had put me on antibiotics I used for about 5 months. I stopped using them before I went away for the summer on vacation as it said try to minimize the use of direct sunlight. Anyway, during the summer my acne definately minimized but they still felt the same. They were not pimple like or little blemishes, they were nodules and occured around the same places. As school started back again, the acne came back again as bad as it was. I decided to go to my doctor who referred me to a dermatologist which felt like forever to get an appointment with. She right away said accutane would help me. She was fantastic explaining everything to me. I did alot of research myself online but I felt everyone had such different experiences and I didnt want to overthink things and alter my decision of wanting to go on accutane. I started accutane - Roche almost 2 weeks ago. I take it at the same time everyday with food. I did not feel any symptoms probably until about day 7 my lips were starting to dry and so was my skin. But I think the cold weather here could be a factor aswell. Another thing is I decided to stop wearing foundation and all that to help minimize any factors in clogging my skin and causing acne. Though I feel very self conscious and paranoid, I am hoping it helps. So far I dont see a large difference or anything of that sort. My skin is dry and flakey and still kinda red with active cystic acne. I dont except it to be gone in a week but hope to see some changes soon. Products I use: face- dove unscented moisture soap face moisturizer- Eucerin Lips- the body shop lip balm with vitamin E and SPF15 Body- aveeno body wash unscented Hands- Aveeno hand cream I hope to continue writing here on my progress and get some pictures up as a timeline and help me & others see a difference!




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