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Starting The Regimen Again - Day 7

Yay, I finished one week on the regimen. Hopefully, it will not be too many more weeks before my skin clears. But, I don't want to jinx anything. So, my skin is starting to calm down. I think it is from a combination of my hormones settling down and starting the regimen. Most of the active acne I had is drying up and is on its way to healing. I do have this rather large pimple on my chin. I can't say how long it's been there or if it just came up. I also have this strange, hard, flesh-color





Starting The Regimen Again - Day 4

Ok, so here's a quick update on how my skin has been doing. It is pretty red and slightly dry. The area under the nose feels kinda hard/dry but I think it's getting better. I got a few more pimples, I still think it's from my raging hormones (still on period). It's only been 4 days on the regimen, I know it is going to take some time and I just need to keep it up. Hopefully soon, things will start to get better. I have been eating healthy still, and religiously taking turmeric pills and dri




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Starting The Regimen Again - Day 1

My Story: When I was on the regimen initially, I had very clear skin, with a few odd pimples here and there. However, the red marks and the scarring from my acne breakouts seemed to be taking forever to fade, even after using AHA and lactic acid peels. I wanted to be able to finally go out without makeup, but I was self-conscious about my scars. Thus, I decided to quit what I was doing, and go for an all natural regimen, eventually settling on raw organic honey, acv and green tea toner




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