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5 Weeks Without Washing This Summer!

So I have a wildlife conservation job this summer that is five weeks long. I will be able to wash my face about 3 or 4 times for the entire 5 weeks. I did this program last year and my face turned into a bumpy red tomato, my mom thought I had a rash or something. So now, even though I have always vied against it, I am taking accutane. I wouldn't have done it if I wasn't doing this work project, but I don't want to have to start all over with the regimen after doing it for almost a year. I have been on accutane for a week now, and have only experienced one side effect: dry lips. I must be the lucky few who doesn't have a initial break out because my acne is clearing up already with no new zits. I am hoping that I only have to take one cycle of it and have permanent acne removal before my job this summer. With the dry skin that happens, I am not able to use the regimen face wash because it over drys me, instead I use equate gentle face wash, and I apply it without water several minutes before I wash it of, it does a great job moisturizing . However, the treatment works perfectly fine in small amounts so I really glad about that. I use a lotion with SPF 25 (Olay) because I heard it is common to get easily sun-burnt on accutane, and so far it has not made me break out at all, which is great. For makeup, I dab a little oil-free foundation on with a wet sponge, and powder lightly for greasy spots. I am using less and less makeup everyday so I am really excited! I will post a picture later to show the progress





It Has Been A Few Months

I am a 17 year old girl, and have acne since middle school. It really became bad when I did a outdoor work program last summer for 5 weeks in the wilderness. I only took 3 showers during that time, and you probably could have made constellations with the pimples on my face. So I started this a few month ago to combat my moderate acne, but was not very strict, used a lot of make up, and had dryness issues. It has improved though since summer. So I am starting fresh now. Unfortunately, I still dryness problems and no matter what I try, they persist. This makes make-up look disgusting and gross, so I am trying to wear less. I may just only wear eye make-up. I'm just building up the courage to go to school and events bare-faced. And since I don't actually no people here, I am going to do a photo blog so I can see if I make progress!