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Ah! Things were just great... not breaking out as much. Then bam! Oliver sudden, nodules and all that gunk. I've only been on tetracycline for about five days. Should I be more patient with that and let it run its course? I mean, my diet routine has changed significantly. No more sugar or fat filled foods. I know because I'm craving juice or something with a sweet taste . I'm not expecting a miracle but I'm really getting sick of this. :blah blah blah blah. Acne, gtfo._.





A Mustache Would Go Just Great With My Thinking Face Right Now...

*listening to DevendraBanhart* OLA! I'm... new. Glad to see similar stories to mine:') I'm just going to jump into things right away. I've had acne since... Oh god. I can't even recall... I'll just say grade five to now. Back then... (wow I feel old for saying that, I'm almost eighteen) it didn't really bother me as much. But now, crap, I really can't take it. Before January 12', I had around 3 acne scars, now I have like 15! The nodules man, they're horrid! Within almost two months nodules are constantly appearing. I don't know what caused the sudden severe breakout. At first I tried the generic stuff, like oxy, spectro, clearisil. Wasn't doing s**t. I've decided to take a more natural approach? Okay, well not so much. Two days ago I went to a doctor (which wasn't even suppose to be anything for acne, it was more of an emergency including my ear:p) I just happened to say something about it though. She gave me tetracycline? -Sorry a lot of typos in this- so yeah, I started with that. I've also been using Manuka honey and some random face wash my mom bought for me from the... Crap, what do you call it? Natural health food store, blah, whatever. But that! Its a lavender tea tree oil wash. I'm still getting the nodules and pustules. But my face is more smooth. Its an upside! I also started taking a multi vitamin. But I will most likely stop, since I read that the anti-biotic I'm taking won't work as well if taken with a supplement. I'm also giving up sweets and all that gunk (good stuff:''[) and Facebook for lent! So hopefully there is a great outcome with this! Thanks for reading? If anyone has?




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