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My struggle in getting clear skin....

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My First Entry - A Simple 'about Me' And My Skin

HERE GOES NOTHING! ♥ [ My first entry of my first blog. Doesnt feel very special...like alot of bloggers say it is. Anywho, I guess I should probably begin by introducing myself. My name is Debbie and I am 19 years young. I love volleyball; played for 2 years in high school and won MVP one year, was captain the second. Prettttty awesome. I also love to work out, and experiment with makeup. I am currently a college freshman, working on my prerequisites for the 2 year Nursing program my college offers. Why nursing? Aside from it being a very in-demand and secure career, I feel that I am called to help people. At first, I wanted to be a Pediatric Nurse (children for those of you who dont know). However, after having a conversation with a friend of mine, I decided to aim more towards Labor & Delivery. Working with sick children, children with broken bones and even Cancer would break my heart every day. On the other hand, the birth process is a happy and blessed time for families...which is more 'my style'. ] Since this is an acne-related site, I should tell a little about my skin. I guess you could say my skin is bipolar. It used to be normal through my early teens. Acne wasnt a problem except for the few days a month when my hormones were out of wack. It wasnt until sophomore year, 15 years old, where I noticed my skin was changing.... STORY TIME! My best friend and I both ADORE the art of makeup. We won free make overs at our local MAC store (amazing BTW!) sophomore year. The artist used MAC's Studio Fix liquid foundation on my skin. It was the first time I had ever used a foundation, let alone such a thick, full coverage one. I LOVED the results, and my friend convinced me to buy a bottle of it for myself. So like any other teen girl would, I bought it. Back to the skin thang.... I used this foundation daily. I began to notice how different my skin began to look. These gross little bumps were appearing in the center of my forehead, around my mouth/chin, and around my hair line. My mother purchased many different skin care regimens from Clean and Clear to AcneFree and nothing changed. We went in to see a Dermotologist and Boy! was he rude. The visit took literally 5 minutes as he just told me to use a benzoyl perozide solution twice a day. Got the peroxide gel, no change. Continued the cleansers, toners and moisturizers...still No change. They just continued to pop up in random places. One day, I simply got sick of looking at different ways to clear my skin and brought it upon my finger tips to handle the problem. I would squeeeeze and squeeze at these pores until they would....well...you know Haha. My skin was left red and scarred...but that gunk was out...and that is all that mattered to me. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Here it is 4 long years later. I still pick at my skin relentlessly. Not only do I pick at my face, but at my shoulders, upper and mid back, and even behind my thighs and buttocks. It has gotten to the point where ANY bump on my skin will be acquainted with my nails. I hate it. It eats me whole. Tank tops and bikinis in the summertime? Nope. The scars have overtaken me. At times, I joke with my mother and say I look like a cheetah, with these 'spots' everywhere. Every times she sees my starting to pick, she yells. But that doesnt stop me from going to the bathroom, shutting the door, and starting over. As I am writing this, I have the Queen Helene Mint Julep mask on. Reviews for this product (and prices) are really uplifting, so I am giving it a go - for the 20th time. I dont normally see much of a change or my pores any clearer than before I use it...but I still use it to feel....secure? Everything from Cleansers
Prescription gels / topical ointments
Hair, Skin, & Nail vitamins
Prenatal vitamins
More water / healthy diet
Au Naturale (stictly NO foundation)
Rubbing Alcohol
Spot Treatments
EXPOSED and ACNEFREE regimines
Microdermabrasion kits
Blackhead Extractor tools
Pore strips
"Skin Clearing" foundations
And the list SOMEHOW continues. To wrap this thing up (have to study), I simply cant find a way to clear these stubborn clogged pores. I still only get red bumps around the time of my period. The only thing that I can think of that I havent tried is birth control. However, I dont think it is helpful for blackheads and clogged pores, but actual PIMPLES which I rarely get. Why is clear skin so hard to achieve? And why does it seem like those who are blessed with clear skin dont appreciate it? Ugh. Anyways, thank you for reading. I will be posting questions on the message boards so look out for those. Also, I am going to find a way to post pictures of my problem areas and where I have the most scarring. Take care, God bless, and may we all find a cure for our every skin need (hopefully sooner than later). Live strong, Deb713




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