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Green Smoothie Challenge To Healthy And Nutritious Body

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Challenge Yourself - Drink Green Smoothie Recipe

Making green smoothie is very quick and easy with the help of your powerful blender. Most people are incorporating drinking this kind of healthy drink to their health diet plan. Also there are several sources available recipe online on how to make one and others from magazines and lifestyle newspapers. Now we will be daring you to take our Green Smoothie Challenge. Consider trying this kind of challenge of drinking smoothie. It will give you great results and can bring the wealth of health benefits coming from the ingredients of green smoothie challenge. The thing for this kind of refreshing drink is for weight loss but it is not only for that main reason you can still take green smoothie challenge for several health benefits that your body can get. If there is one healthy habit that yields the most health benefits in a flash, it is a green drink. If you want to take your health to the next level, prevent disease and capitalize on countless benefits like radiant skin, healthy hair & increased energy, then try for this green challenge. Dare yourself to do something amazing and great for your body. All you need is the freshest and organic ingredients to get the full nutrients of the raw food. When making or drinking green smoothie challenge you can get the full nutrient dense foods to your body. In simply blending you can get the nutrients that can go directly into your cells. The Effect of Green Smoothie Challenge To Your Body You will have the boost of energy and you will be feeling of being hyper active, seriously you will be feeling the great for the entire day. Your body digestion will become regular and improves metabolism. It can decrease you cravings for sweet and salty foods.
You will be having balance mood.
It can help for your weight reduction or cut your undesirable fats.
It can give you radiant and moisturize skin.
[*]It can stabilized the blood sugar level [*]Lastly it can boost you immune system that can protect you from other diseases. Recipe For Green Smoothie Challenge Green smoothie challenge is loaded of health benefits. There are minerals, vitamins and other nutrients for your body. Below is an example of recipe for Green Smoothie Challenge. Ingredients - 3 kale leaves or 1-2 handfuls of spinach - ½ banana or 1 date - ¼ lemon (squeezed) - ½ handful of both cilantro and parsley - ½ apple - ½ inch piece of ginger - dash of cayenne/chile powder (to keep you warm) - fresh water to desired thickness Put all the ingredients into a blender. Blend until smooth. Enjoy green smoothie challenge. Drink healthy and live healthy.




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